Everything You Need To Know About MOT To Keep Your Vehicle Fit

The MOT test is an examination of a vehicle conducted yearly to ensure that they are in the right condition for a safe ride. It is a test of road safety parts and exhaust emissions which are essential for any vehicle which is more than three years old.

It does not apply correctly to highways but also takes into account all other places which the general public has access to. MOT test was first included in the Road Traffic Act, 1988. The test centres for MOT in Peterborough are controlled and approved by the Department and Transport, and DVSA.

Every individual tester carrying out inspections need to be specialised and skilled. The decision to pass or fail for every vehicle depends on the examiner based on guidelines which are allotted by the DVSA.

Which Aspects Does It Cover?

An MOT covers the following aspects.

  • Equipment for signalling and lighting

  • Steering

  • Driver’s view

  • Tyres and wheels

  • Body, structure and general items

  • Brakes

  • Exhaust, fuel and emissions

  • Seat belts

How is MOT Done?

An MOT test certificate presents the time when a vehicle surpassed or met the minimum safety standards which are regulated by the DVSA rules. An MOT certificate approves during the time of an examination that a vehicle complies with road safety and environmental principles.

The test does not include the state of an engine, gearbox or clutch. Any maintenance which is associated with the effective operation of a vehicle but is not related to the safety, are included in a service review. However, this is different from MOT and not a proper condition. Similarly, for wheel related issues, you need to service your tyres in Peterborough.

On the other hand, other components of a vehicle such as wipers, windscreens and exhaust systems need to be verified for condition and operation.

  • The wipers of a windscreen will fail the test in case they are not sufficiently doing the work it is supposed to do.

  • The exhaust system is checked to ensure that it is not making too much sound.

Disassembling a part of a vehicle at the time of an MOT test is against the test regulations. The MOT is a test only for a review of roadworthiness during the trial; a lot of accessories are not included.

When Should You Opt For an MOT?

An MOT or Ministry of Transport test is mandatory every year when a car reaches three years of age, starting from the day it was bought. Cars below three years of age do not need to go for an MOT Peterborough.

You can opt for your MOT test from garages such as Forza tyres in Peterborough. They also offer a variety of other services for your vehicle such as wheel alignment services, and tyre repairing and fitting.

Without a valid MOT your vehicle which faces a penalty of $1000, and will also be unable to renew the road tax. If you fail your MOT in Peterborough, you will need to leave your car back in the garage for servicing. Once the service is complete, you can take it back. It is therefore recommended to keep your vehicle in the best condition so that you can pass the test without having to stay back.

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