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People have a misconception that winter tyres are only fit for snow and ice. However, it is not true! These tyres provide excellent grip in the areas where the temperature is 7 degree Celsius or less. Let us know more about these winter tyres and whether or not these are worth the pay.

What are winter tyres?

Winter tyres give optimal performance in cold weather conditions. They have deep blocks on their tread which not only provide an excellent grip but also offer better braking.

The main difference between summer and winter tyre:

· The rubber compound of winter tyres has more natural rubber compared to a summer tyre. This allows the winter tyres to remain soft even after the temperature goes below 7 degree Celsius.

· The winter tyres offer better traction than summer tyres as these have sipes on their tread blocks. Sipes are small cuts present on the tread blocks of the tyre.

· Winter tyres have deeper grooves that help in channelling away the water.

Advantages of winter tyre

The main advantage of a winter tyre is improved grip during cold weather conditions. Cuts on the outer wall of the tyre help to provide additional grip. The large tread blocks increase the contact area to the road, contributing to better braking. Moreover, these tyres increase the stability of your vehicle, as the sidewalls of these tyres are made up of thick rubber.

Drawbacks of winter tyres

As you can tell by the name, these tyres are suitable for cold weather conditions. The rubber compound of these tyres is made from natural rubber that doesn’t harden when the temperature goes low. All these factors make winter tyres unfit for summer weather conditions. You won’t be able to handle your vehicle during summers as these super soft tyres generate extra friction. Moreover, winter tyres wear out easily during the summers.

Can you use winter tyres in summers?

Winter tyres have a soft rubber compound that is not fit for warm weather conditions. The efficiency of your vehicle gets affected due to this that leads to more fuel consumption. Hence, to avoid these situations it is better to replace your winter tyres Kenilworth after the season is over.

Cost of winter tyres

Winter tyres are costly compared to other tyres. A new set of rims are recommended for the winter tyres. As alloy rims are resistant to rust and corrosion, these are best suited for winter tyres. Although it may seem a lot at first, you won’t regret buying these with an increase in longevity.

Alternative for winter tyres:

If your main concern is the price point of these tyres then you must consider using the set of snow socks. These are like tyre socks that cover the tyre entirely to offer a better grip and traction in the snow. These are the complete alternative for Winter Tyres Kenilworth but you can use these occasionally. You must always have snow socks in your winter emergency kit so that you can avoid any difficult situation.

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