Everything you Need to Know About Your Car’s Exhaust System

In recent times, vehicular emission has emerged as the most significant environmental threat. Even with quantum leaps in the automobile sector, there hasn’t been a permanent solution to this problem. There’s only one practical way of reducing the amount of smoke that the 37 million odd cars in Britain emit on a daily basis; every driver has to ensure that their respective exhaust systems are in top-notch condition at all times.

In that regard, exhaust maintenance and repair must take centre stage in every driver’s vehicle maintenance schedule. To assist drivers in that, Easington Service Centre has been delivering exceptional exhaust service to its customers. It is one of the most renowned garages in the whole of UK.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Exhaust System?

Firstly, you must drive responsibly. Especially on bumpy or rocky tracks, the exhaust system is often more prone to damage; this is due to unsolicited contact of the car’s undercarriage with the surface.

Secondly, ensure that a competent car service station with experienced teams of technicians checks your car exhaust and its other systems at regular intervals. Industry experts recommend doing it at least once every year.

Thirdly, you may fit an aftermarket exhaust system that will significantly boost the performance of your car. There are many premium models available in the market that can improve specific attributes of your car. However, remember that premium models require superior maintenance from professional garages.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Exhaust

A malfunctioning exhaust system will have specific symptoms. One of them is an extremely high rate of smoke emission. This smoke can either be white or black/grey, which indicates that the smoke is not deoxygenated properly.

Besides, faulty exhausts often cause a car to shudder and vibrate incessantly. This will eventually lead to a broken down vehicle.

Also, an exhaust not working correctly will lead the car to consume more fuel. Eventually, your vehicle’s mileage performance will suffer.

What Happens If You Drive with a Malfunctioning Exhaust?

There are three major consequences of driving with a faulty exhaust –

1. You’ll be contributing to environmental pollution. A recent study reveals that exhaust smoke accounts for 26% of greenhouse emission in the UK. If you are driving around with a faulty exhaust, you are accelerating the problem.

2. You’ll be fined heavily by the British road authorities. Depending upon how severe the problem is, the fine may go up to £2,500.

3. Finally, you’ll fail your MOT in Easington. The exhaust system is one of the major checkpoints of an MOT. If it’s not in the perfect working condition, you’ll receive a ‘Major’ or ‘Dangerous’ certificate.

An MOT checks the following aspects of your exhaust system –

I. Noise level should be within permissible limits.

ii. All parts should be properly attached to the car body.The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) should have no alterations or modifications.

Iii. There shouldn’t be any fluid leak.

Repair or Replace- Which is Better?

That depends on your expectations from your exhaust system, and whether the damage is substantial or cosmetic. If there’s a fault in one of the parts, but you are generally satisfied with your car’s overall performance, Exhaust Repair in Easington seems like a more prudent approach.

On the other hand, if you want to enhance the performance of your car, opt for an aftermarket product. The premium ones can improve the power delivery of your car by as much as 25%.

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