Everything You Need to Know for Fitting the Right Tyres to Your Car

 Other than a great suspension and competent shock absorbers, the tyres that you use are the most vital for optimum ride comfort and safety. The rubber used in the manufacturing of tyres also absorbs a significant amount of road vibrations while driving.

Buying the right set of tyres is not the easiest thing to do. As soon as you enter a tyre shop, you are faced with a deluge of options. First and foremost, these are the tyre manufacturing brands you should opt for when buying new tyres in Heckington:

  • Bridgestone

  • Michelin

  • Continental

  • Pirelli

Now that you know the brands, all you need to know is which type of tyre will suit you and your car. If you go through their sites, you’ll come across a few common varieties.

Read on to get a basic idea on everything you need to know to buy the perfect set of tyres!

Tyres as per Weather and Tarmac:

  1. Summer Tyres

These are meant to be used during the summers when the temperature is above 7 degree Celsius. They are made of the harder rubber compounds to withstand high temperatures and provide performance as well as mileage on hot tarmac.

  1. Winter Tyres

These are made specifically for winters when the roads are more slippery with ice and slush. These tyres are mandatory for temperatures below the 7-degree mark. They are also made of softer rubber compounds, designed with deeper tread grooves and larger tread blocks.

  1. All Season tyres

All season tyres fall right in the middle. They are the typical jack of all trades, perfect for the average British road conditions. For places which do not see snowfall or extremely high temperatures, owners can make the best of a single set of all-seasons for the whole year without changing.

Tyres as per Usage

As per usage, tyres can be categorised into two broad segments, regular and premium. The premium category is further divided into sporty and touring types including other specialities, viz. – high-speed tyres and run flat tyres.

  • Touring tyres –

They provide a higher level of riding comfort. Such premium tyres are used mostly on top-end cars for their everyday travel. The tread patterns are designed to ensure a better tread life and a quiet ride.

  • Sporty tyres –

Also known as performance tyres, they are designed for excellent grip at high speeds, especially during dry conditions. These tyres come with softer rubber compounds to provide ultimate performance above all other factors.

  • Run flat –

These tyres have strengthened sidewalls and additional lateral rigidity to ensure that the tyre maintains its shape and functionality without air pressure. This is how run-flats keep a vehicle driveable even after a puncture or loss of pressure.

Equipped with the knowledge of different types of tyres and their specific purpose, you are in a better position to make a good choice. If you are looking for good quality tyres in Sleaford, head over tyre retailers such as Roberts Tyres. Apart from tyres, you can also entrust them for an engine diagnostics on your as well as an MOT check.

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