Explaining the MOT test

It is always imperative to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones and the other people driving alongside you on the road, whether that be a fellow driver or even a pedestrian. Vehicles being driven for more than three years are required to have an MOT test done as per the laws laid in many countries across the globe. This test confirms the car to be roadworthy and safe to be driven on the road.

There could be multiple reasons as to why a car fails an MOT test Bridgnorth. Ideally, you should have a checklist to help have your vehicle the most shining chance of passing the same. This is best to avoid giving a re-test and the cost associated with it. MOT is the abbreviated form of ‘Ministry of Transport’. There are many centres across countries conducting these tests every year to ensure that the cars meet the required standards of environment and safety. The test covers checks of the brakes, the lights, fuel system, mirrors, exhaust system, windscreen wipers and seatbelts. However, it does not cover areas like the gearbox, engine or the clutch.

The standard time for undergoing an MOT test is somewhere between 45 minutes to 60 minutes. In case, the car fails the MOT test, and it needs repairing, then it might take a little bit longer. This is compulsory in many countries until you have an existing valid MOT certificate. 

Some of the reasons why tests are failed by cars:

  1. The vehicle is dirty and a mess in the cabin and boot.
  2. The liquid to wash the screen is not topped up.
  3. The stickers are not removed from the windscreen, which could block the view of the driver.
  4. The registration plate placed on the car is incorrect and not as per the set guidelines laid by the governing authorities.
  5. The warning lights are switched on in the dashboard indicating issues in the functioning of the car.

A certificate received at the end of the test signifies that your car passes all the guidelines and adheres to the safety as well as environmental laws. However, timely service of your vehicle is required to ensure its well-being. 

You could check a few things by yourself to prepare for an MOT test:

  • Check the indicators, hazard lights and headlights
  • Check the brake lights
  • Check the tread of the tyres
  • Check for any cuts, bulges in the sidewall
  • Check for any splits in the tyre’s tread
  • Check the pressure in the tyre
  • Check the handbrakes functioning
  • Check the seatbelts and seats
  • Check the windscreen for any damage
  • Check the windscreen washers and the wipers
  • Check the suspension of the car
  • Check the horn of the car
  • Check the exhaust system of the vehicle for any leaks
  • Check the engine and fuel oil

In case your car fails an MOT test, you would need to take another test post getting the repairs done. It is not allowed to drive without a valid certificate; hence you could book an appointment online on the government site by filling in the right credentials. For other information as well about the test and the timelines associated with each stage, you could visit this site and seek help by going through the detail mentioned on it.