Factors Affecting Tyre Age

A deep understanding of physics and other disciplines is required to design and manufacture a tyre. It is a complex process to combine multiple features like rubber compound and tread design to improve performance and still keep the cost of the tyre justified. It is from this perspective that we need to get a hold of how important tyres are. People spend a lot of time in designing, producing, and studying tyres. Despite the ultimate focus that automotive industries and garage websites give to tyres, they still are neglected by maximum users. The irony is that we do not understand that taking good care of our tyres not only extends their life but saves a lot of money and prevents environmental pollution too.

Different tyres are made for different vehicles. The requirements and usages are also pretty diverse. It is the teamwork between you and the garage you employ that determines if you select a tyre appropriate for your requirements. This is the first factor that can help extend the tyre life- choosing the right tyre. There are a few factors that cannot be controlled – for example, sunlight and rain. The natural factors will affect the tyres irrespective of anything since they are beyond our control. Below is a list of factors that affect tyre life.

Right Match and Installation

As mentioned above, the right selection is imperative. If your tyre is meant to be used in different conditions in comparison to how you are using it, it is expected to be worn out before time. Another critical factor is how the tyre was installed. A discrepancy in installation would have the same results.


Tyre pressure also determines tyre life. Incorrect tyre pressure can deteriorate its condition, while the correct tyre pressure ensures proper functioning. The correct tyre pressure is one that has been recommended by the tyre manufacturer. One needs to note that incorrect tyre pressure can influence handling, cornering, and stopping. It not only affect tyre life but can be dangerous too.

Load on Tyres

The load is inversely proportional to tyre age. It means that the tyre age would decrease with an increase in load. Each tyre manufacturer prescribes a load capacity in accordance with each tyre model. It is imperative for users to adhere to this. If you are carrying more load than the tyre capacity, the tread depth of the tyre will decrease to 1.6mm in no time.

Highway Speed

If speed is a passion, then it is a toxic passion. Unnecessary speeding will lead to raised temperatures, and that, in turn, will lead to accelerated tyre damage. Moreover, when one drives at high speed, the car is expected to fluctuate, this leads to severe tyre damage. Other than that, speeding can, in general, be dangerous.

There are various other factors like faulty suspension systems, improper wheel alignment, steering geometry, or even climate conditions that play a role in determining a tyre’s age. Our experts are in capacity to explain in detail- how you can take proper care of your tyres. If you require Tyres Dudley, feel free to drop by at our garage at Tyre City.

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