Failed MOT? Here’s How to Bounce Back

Failure in life is inevitable, but what you can do is to rise from it even stronger and better. You can learn from your mistakes and make sure that the next time you reach out for the same target, you’re well prepared. Prevention is better than cure, but prevention can’t help you evade all mishaps.

Failures in MOT Coventry tests is something like this. You can prepare your car and keep it in the best possible condition, yet there is a possibility that something or the other might miss your eye. Natural wear and tear is prone to happen and can’t be spotted always. Failing in the test is nothing to be worried about as a few things will get you your “pass’ certificate. Keep reading and we’ll guide you out of this trouble.

How to turn Failure to Advantage?

When you fail in an MOT test you’re given a failure certificate, that carries your car number, MOT number, the reason for failure and other details about your car. This certificate can help you out more than you can think of. Rather than taking your car for a complete service again, you can take that certificate to the mechanic and get only the repairs that are needed. In addition to saving time, you’ll be able to save some bucks as well. When you’re not able to communicate the exact issue, this certificate will be the best solution to convey the message to him.


It is necessary to get your car repaired if it fails in an MOT test. The centre where you got it checked might offer repair services as well, but it is up to you if you want to get your car repaired there or take it somewhere else. Garages might offer you free retests if you get your car repaired there, but beware of big bills. Going for the free retest offer might haunt you later if they don’t do the job properly and give you long bills as well.

Partial Retest

If you get the issues resolved, that was the reason for failure in MOT test, in the time you’re told to, then you can apply for a partial retest. A partial retest will cost you a part of the original fee and the reasons for the failure of the previous test will be assessed again. The time for a retest to be conducted is within 10 days from the test, after which you’ll no more be eligible to apply for a retest.

Retest in Time

Don’t drive a car that has failed its MOT test as doing so is illegal as well as dangerous. You could be prosecuted for the same reason. You might face a fine of £1,000 for this as well. Do so in the time given to you to avoid any damage as well as to not have the cops on your heels.

The MOT test is an important evaluation that decides your car’s roadworthiness as well as save your car from being damaged by some unknown issue. Many drivers, in the UK, wouldn’t have maintained their cars and taken them for regular check-ups had the risk of failing the MOT Coventry wasn’t there.

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