Few Common Car Symptoms that can Damage Your Vehicle Critically

Studies commissioned by the British government, as well as by some private agencies, showcase the growing costs of car insurances in that country. Since 2016, the average cost of insuring a small car has risen by almost 6% to touch £493. Now, that is a humongous figure, isn’t it?

People ask automobile experts how to cut down on car ownership costs. These experts then expound upon various aspects of economy and technology necessary to sustain a vehicle in these Isles. But, the most common solution often eludes us: regular car maintenance!

Never has the idiom of a stitch in time saving nine been as applicable as it is when it comes to vehicular maintenance. Unsure of where to begin?

Well then, this blog is for you.

Common Car Maladies

1. Dim Lights

Dim headlights, taillights, and indicators will call for an Electrical Repair Easington. Generally, it is either your car alternator or the battery that is at fault.

A failing alternator will not be able to charge the battery. In turn, a low battery will cause the lights to dim. Or, a failing or low battery can directly cause the same even with the alternator being fine.

In both the cases, you have to take your vehicle to the nearest car garage. Easington Service Station is one such known provider of quality services and original, OEM-certified products.

2. Uneven Tyre Wear

Checking your car tyres regularly is a necessity. Also, watch out for uneven wear. Abnormal wear can be caused by the following:

I. Your Vehicle Wheels Are Imbalanced

If you have fixed new wheels, then there is a high chance they are imbalanced. New wheels do come with uniform weight distribution. Wheel imbalance is evident over time, i.e. the weight distribution across the tyre body of each unit will become uneven.

II. Your Car Wheels Are Misaligned

Wheels become misaligned when you drive over curbs, potholes, and speed bumps at great speeds. Thus, your wheels no longer remain perpendicular to the road and parallel to each other.

To prevent the issues mentioned above, the only recourse is either a wheel balancing or a wheel alignment operation.

3. Metallic Sounds When You Brake

Your brake pads have worn out if you hear a metallic sound when you apply the brakes. When the pads wear, they expose the metal brake callipers. The callipers then come in contact with the wheel when you brake, and that creates the irritating, metallic noise.

Take your vehicle over to a car garage as soon as possible to replace the brake pads. Continuing to drive will inflict more damage to the wheel.

4. Clutch Getting Stuck

Many a time, your car’s clutch pedal can get stuck when you depress it. There are aplenty reasons which can cause the same. For example, oil leak in the clutch assembly, damaged clutch flywheel, damaged clutch cable.

5. Slow Engine Crank

A dying battery is the primary cause of a slow or sluggish engine crank. Such a battery will also cause a ticking noise during ignition. Your car starter will not receive ample power to start the same and will hence, produce the sound.

Make sure to seek professional help for a car repair in Easington of you come across any of the problems mentioned above. If you live around Easington, in the suburbs like Tyne and Wear and Houghton-le-Spring, visit a professional garage. You will notice the difference (read magic) immediately.