Finding the Best Dunlop Tyres for Your Vehicle

Dunlop produces some of the best and high-quality tyres that provide superior performance to different sorts of automobiles and models. Dunlop was primarily concerned with racing, but after decades of experience, the company was able to manufacture tyres that offer race track performance on city roads and last longer. Installing Dunlop tyres on your is perfect for car owners who are looking to enhance the overall performance and get a safe drive in tough road conditions.

Moreover, it is recommended to visit a trusted tyre provider and only buy authentic Tyres Ponteland for your wheels. You can explore a wide range of Dunlop tyres in the market and select the one that best fits your driving style or vehicle requirements.


Different types of Dunlop Tyres You Can Buy:

Below we list some of the different kinds of Dunlop tyres alone with the best variants they offer:

All-season: As the name indicates, our all-season tyres are the perfect option for car owners looking to get all-year-round performance in moderate weather conditions. Popular Dunlop all-season tyres include:

  • Dunlop Signature HP™: This all-season car tyre comes with a smooth design to provide excellent handling in all kinds of weather. The smart tread design of Dunlop Signature HP™ along with high-quality compounds used in manufacturing this tyre allows it to last longer and decrease fuel consumption.
  • Dunlop Grandtrek® AT20™: This all-season tyre is perfect for SUV owners looking to get a quiet and comfortable drive. Moreover, the intelligent design of Dunlop Grandtrek® AT20™ enables superior control and security throughout the year.

Winter: Winter tyres are made for cold weather conditions where the temperature is below 7°C. These tyres also come with optimized treads designed to provide maximum grip and braking performance on snow or ice-covered roads.

  • Dunlop Graspic® DS-3™: This is a special tyre built to offer superb handling and traction throughout the winters. Moreover, the Graphic DS-3™ is a studless tyre that does not compromise your on-road safety and improves comfort.
  • Dunlop Grandtrek® SJ6™: This is the perfect SUV winter tyre that is made to provide unmatched traction and grip on icy or snowy roads. Also, the design of Grandtrek® SJ6™ delivers improved comfort and stability even when manoeuvring in tough winter conditions.

Summer: Summer tyres are perfect for areas where the temperature is above 7 degrees celsius. These tyres are the most fuel-efficient and will also provide excellent performance on wet roads.

  • Dunlop Direzza® DZ102: This tyre is a mix of sporty style and intelligent design to offer the most dependable performance in dry or wet weather. Also, The Direzza® DZ102 is popular for its superior handling and cornering.
  • Dunlop SP Sport 4000 DSST CTT tyre: This is a high-performance tyre designed to offer race track performance on city roads. Moreover, SP Sport 4000 is available with run-flat technology for extra safety and is ideal for driving in tough winter weather conditions.

Check Tyre Markings:

All Dunlop tyres have markings on the sidewalls for making a quick and easy selection. For example a Dunlop tyre with markings 185: 55: R: 16 indicates:

  • 185: The width of a tyre in mm and measured from sidewall to sidewall.
  • 55: The next two digits are the aspect ratio that is calculated based on height and width.
  • R: This letter indicates radial construction. Other construction markings include B and D for Bias and Diagonal, respectively.
  • 16: This number indicates the diameter of the tyre.

Other Types of Markings To Check:

  • Load Index: This index indicates the highest weight a tyre can carry. If a tyre comes with an 83 load index, then it indicates it can carry up to 475 kg.
  • Speed Rating: This index reveals the top speed a tyre can reach.
  • M+S: This marking indicates Mud+Snow.
  • DOT code: The Dot code reveals information about tyre manufacturing.

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