Firestone tyres: A name you trust

What keeps your car moving with grip on the road? Tyres, of course. These components are culpable for providing a strong grip so the vehicle doesn’t slip. They also deliver traction while moving at higher speeds. In a nutshell, your vehicle’s performance and your safety depend on your tyres to a great extent.

There’s no denying that the vehicle should be equipped with good-quality tyres. Trusted tyre brands sell tyres of optimum quality made of fine rubber and carbon black. Firestone is a company that can cater to all your needs. The firm manufactures tyres that can be trusted with quality and durability.

The company designs its products taking into account the driver’s security and comfort in mind. Firestone was founded by Harvey Firestone and that is where the name comes from.

Race track and adventure!

Do you know that Firestone has also tried its tyres in the motorsports industry? Since its initial years in the industry, Firestone has been participating in the Indianapolis 500 race. This is an example of the company’s enduring and strong Tyres Reading.

Why choose Firestone?

Durability: As mentioned earlier that the company uses high-quality materials in the manufacture of its products. This makes them durable and long-lasting. Firestone tyres will save your money in the long run and there will be no disappointment on your side. Durability is the USP of this company.

Strong and flexible: Tyres made of good-quality rubber are strong and flexible. You don’t need to compromise with the performance stats with Firestone tyres. This makes them a reliable choice for customers.

Reasonable prices: You don’t need to spend extra bucks for these tyres. These tyres cost you as much as any other branded tyre would. They fit your normal budget pretty easily.

Fuel economy: It is quite evident that your vehicle’s fuel economy is dependent on tyre performance. The better your tyres perform, the better will be your fuel economy. So, you also save money on fuel with Firestone tyres.

Wide range: The company offers you a wide range of tyres. From All-season, summer, winter tyres to 4 x 4 and performance tyres. You can find the product you are looking for. They also manufacture tyres for lorries, agricultural vehicles, and minivans.

Trust: Firestone Tyres Reading are trusted by consumers in most European countries, including the UK, France, Irelan,d Germany, etc. The brand sells products that are reliable and strong, so the customers do not face any issue in the future.

Products by Firestone

MULTISEASON GEN 2: This tyre provides you with the improved braking performance, both in wet as well as dry conditions. It is also certified 3 PMSF for its snow performance. The adequate handling and braking performance of MULTISEASON GEN 2 deliver high mileage as well.

MULTIHAWK 2: This product by Firestone serves you an all-round performance. The stability and handling performance will match your expectations. When it comes to aesthetics, the tyre has a subtle and elegant design, which gives your vehicle an appealing look.

ROADHAWK: The summer tyre will help you steer and brake well in wet and dry conditions. You don’t need to worry about vehicle slippage as the treads are potentially designed to provide safety. This tyre is equipped with technologies that provide resistance to wear. The ROADHAWK wears 20% slower than most other tyres.

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