Firestone Tyres Plan to Show off All-new Models at IAA 2018

Firestone tyres are a wholly owned subsidiary of the famous Bridgestone group. Recently, Firestone’s latest models have made their way to several South Asian countries including India, where they have made quite a splash. The group’s primary market, however, will remain continental Europe and the Americas.

Firestone is aggressively expanding, and it now plans to showcase some new models at IAA 2018. The IAA is one of the world’s largest and oldest car exhibitions and is held annually in Germany. This exhibition has a unique routine: in odd years, passenger vehicles are shown off in the city of Frankfurt, while even years witness the display of commercial vehicles at Hanover.

This year, Firestone will show off tyre technologies meant for both passenger and commercial vehicles.

What’s new this year from Firestone?

Since its inception in 1990, Firestone has been a constant attendee of IAA events. This year, Firestone plans to show off how it creates new products, uses the latest technologies and harness digital solutions. Bridgestone will not make its presence known this year: instead, it is Firestone’s turn to be the curtain-raiser at this event.

For example, Firestone plans to introduce RFID tags for its bus and truck tyres. This technology will then start making its way to passenger vehicles too. A Radio-Frequency Identification tag makes tyres relocatable irrespective of where they are. This physical tracking of (rather expensive) tyres will act as a deterrent to theft and other malpractices.

Firestone made headlines recently

You are right. Firestone is now the world’s first company to introduce a ‘Total Tyre Care’ solution: this is a tyre management solution which seeks track of a fleet’s behaviour and suggests ways and means to cut down costs. If you are a small business owner in the UK, for example, car tyres at Birmingham will be cheaper to own and operate in the future.

Firestone will also show off its new Airide™ Pro air damping technology. This technology will mainly cater to tractors and trailers and will provide:

  • A better ride quality.

  • Safer rides.

  • Better body and axle control, and

  • A reduction in ownership costs.

Essentially, Firestone’s areas of focus are not only better tyre technology but also a greater emphasis on economy and tyre maintenance.

Anything else?

Bridgestone, and Firestone, in particular, is banking hard on changing the global tyre landscape. The buzzword in the global tyre industry is the CASE, which is an acronym for “Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric). Adherence to the CASE means that Firestone will soon start manufacturing tyres for electric vehicles or EVs. However, exactly when that is not known at the moment.

If you do need to buy Firestone tyres in the UK, you can check out an extensive range that Flaxley Tyres of Birmingham houses. Always remember that car tyres have a certain lifespan and are unsafe once that date expires. When buying tyres, always make sure that you buy the best models. Compromising on quality because of a higher price tag is hardly something that works well with tyres.

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