Five symptoms of air conditioner compressor failure

Air Conditioning BirminghamThe air conditioner compressor plays a vital role in the entire air conditioning mechanism. The cooled gas is re-heated by the Compressor. So, the condenser can turn it into liquid. If the compressor stops working, then all the processes will go down. Here narrated the symptoms of air conditioner compressor failure.


  1. Peculiar Noises

You shall go out at least once in a month to check out the outdoor unit of your air conditioner. If you hear a rattling noise from the fan in the compressor which means there is a loose part that damages the system. If you hear a humming sound, it means there is some failure between the capacitor and motor connection. A screeching sound is normal when the compressor starts first. If you listen to a continuous screaming sound, it means your compressor has almost lost its life.

  1. No movements in the Compressor clutch 

In a problematic compressor, the clutch will fail to move. The clutch allows the pulley to engage and set free from engine power so that the compressor will only turn when it wants to be. The clutch maintains the compressor in the active condition permanently. Sometimes the clutch can break that indicates the compressor cannot receive engine power. Sometimes, there will be replacements in the clutch itself. However, replacing the complete compressor will be an efficient repair.

A Compressor is key to the Air Conditioning Huddersfield system. If you doubt that the compressor or other components in your Air Conditioner is having some issues, call a professional Technician immediately to diagnose the Air Conditioner. In needy cases, he will replace the Air Conditioner compressor with a new one.

  1. Higher Temperatures

The foremost sign that a compressor may have trouble is that your air conditioner failed to blow cold air as it has done before. A damaged compressor cannot yield you a regular flow of refrigerant in the air conditioner and eventually the air conditioner cannot function properly.

  1. Lubrication leakage or Loss

Loss of lubrication in the compressor is the most common reason for air conditioner compressor failure. When the compressor runs along with the refrigerant, oil starts circulating, keeping the movements soft and avoiding over friction between the components. If the refrigerant leaks from the system, even the oil will leak with it which causes loss of lubrication. There will be small leaks of refrigerant, so it may take a while before the system shuts its work. But the grounding sound warns you that there is no sufficient oil to grease the compressor.

Added to the above, excessive oil in the system can cause problems with cooling. It should be sorted out by a Technician before replacing it. If a leak is suspected by your technician, using an electronic detector the leak can be identified and a repair will be performed.

  1. Warm air through the vents

No cool air is coming through the air conditioner system indicates there is a problem in the compressor. Even after reducing the temperature in the thermostat but still experiencing warm air through the vents, first, check out whether the system is set to cool. A refrigerant leak, a poor functioning condenser, and a frozen evaporator coil are the other reasons for warm air.

An air conditioner compressor failure is indicated by numerous signs. The sooner you find the signs, better you can repair the particular component instead of replacing your compressor.

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