Fix Your Flat Tyres to Bring Your Vehicle to Life – Drive Right!

You may have mounted the sturdiest of tyre available in the market to your vehicle wheels. Nevertheless, no matter how good the tyres in Durham are, driving your vehicle on the same tyres over time leads them to wear out. And, sometimes, a tyre turning flat is inevitable.

It calls for immediate repair as driving your vehicle on flat tyres is depreciative for its wheels and other vehicle components.

Since you cannot predict tyre puncture, the best way to stay ready is with a few tools to fix your car tyres immediately.

However, before moving to that, take a look at why immediate fixing of flat tyres is essential so that you don’t take it lightly the next time it happens.

The need for immediate fixing of flat tyres

Take a look at some reasons that call for quick fixing –

  • It may lead to damage of your car tyres beyond repair.

  • Running your vehicle on punctured tyres may lead to wheel balancing issues.

  • It also affects your vehicle’s suspension system.

  • Tyres that are not properly inflated will also result in the loosening of other car components.

Also, in case your car tyres have punctured or damaged beyond repair, you may take them to expert garages for tyre fitting in Durham.

Tool kit for repair of flat tyres

Always keep a repair kit handy in your vehicle. Make sure you have it especially when you go for a long drive or trip. Here’s what it will include –

– A lug wrench

– A jack

– A piece of wood, brick or metal as a bracing material

– An inflated spare tyre

Find the leakage and fix it

Cheap tyres in Durham or not, every tyre is susceptible to a puncture resulting in leakage or hole. So, the first step to fixing a flat tyre is to find the hole.

  • Run a visual check to see any sharp object piercing into the damaged tyre.

  • If you do not see it with a visual inspection, follow this. Prepare a cleaning solution made of soap and water. Fully inflate the tyre and spray this solution throughout the tyre. You will spot bubbles emerging from where the leakage exists.

Once you have found this leakage, it’s best to take it to a puncture repair garage for an immediate fix. Meanwhile, you can use your tool kit to replace the damaged tyre with the spare one.

North East Tyres Services can help you fit the most suitable set of tyres for your vehicle from their extensive range of brands on offer. Let them help you fit 4x4s to winter tyres as and how you need.

Follow with replacing tyres

Here are the steps –

– Place the bracing material in front and at the back of the tyre that has sustained damage.

– Lift your vehicle a little up with the jack’s help.

– With the help of a lug wrench, loosen the nuts and remove the tyre.

– Now, place the new one and tighten with the wrench.

– At last, lower your car by removing the jack.

Now, your vehicle is good to go to the nearest service centre for tyre fitting in Durham.

There you are. Remember, the right care tips for your car tyres means a long service life for them as well as for your car.

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