Frequently Asked Questions About The MOT Test

MOT test is a mandatory test for car drivers in the UK. According to the rules and regulations, every car driver should have an MOT certificate to be able to drive his car on the roads of the UK.

If you have just bought a new car and have limited knowledge about the MOT Bilston test, this blog is really helpful for you.

In this blog, we are going to provide answers to common frequently asked questions about MOT Brierley Hill.

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What is the Main Aim of MOT?

The full form of MOT is the Ministry of Transport. In this test, a technician is going to check the roadworthiness of your vehicle. The certificate you get after the test proves that your car is safe for the driver, passengers, and other road users.

Usually, drivers overlook the requirement of proper car maintenance but submit their cars to the MOT centre due to the legal requirements. Thus, a lot of cars remain healthy and roadworthy only because of this test.

When Does My Car Require the MOT Test?

If you have bought a new car, you do not need to think about the MOT test since it is mandatory for only three years old vehicles. After three years, you have to register at your nearby MOT centre for your first MOT test. If your car clears the test, you will get your MOT certificate that is valid only for one year. Next year, you have to submit your vehicle for the test again to renew the certificate. In other words, you need a new MOT certificate every year since the current certificate is valid for only one year.

How Do I Know When My MOT Test is Due?

Your MOT certificate is valid for one year. Your certificate will expire on the same date next year. You can check the MOT history of your vehicle by browsing the official website of MOT. Generally, DVSA does not send any reminders for the due test.

What If I Drive My Vehicle With An Expired Certificate?

You will face legal steps against you for driving on roads without a valid MOT certificate. You can drive your car, however, to reach the MOT station to have the test.

What If I Have The Test Before The Expiry Date?

Rules and regulations allow you to have the test up to 30 days before the expiry date. If you submit your vehicle before the expiry date, the expiry date of the current MOT certificate will be different.

Is The MOT Test Like A Car Service?

MOT test is mandatory for all car drivers according to the law of the UK. During the test, the tester will check different components of your vehicle to determine whether the car is roadworthy or not. He will not make any change in the present mechanical condition of the vehicle.

On the other hand, carmakers determine the car service schedule to sustain the mechanical condition of your vehicle. During the service session, the mechanic will repair and replace the components that are not working properly.

You need both the MOT test and car service to keep your car in good condition.

What is Usually Tested During The Test?

Several components are tested during the MOT test. Common car items include exhaust, seat & seatbelts, horn, lights, tyres, bodywork, windscreen wipers etc.

What If My Car Fails Its Test?

Your car fails its test it means it is not roadworthy. Your car is unable to get the certificate if it has major or dangerous faults. After the failed attempt to get the certificate, you need to repair the faults to make your car roadworthy again.

To repair the faults, you can go to the other garage if you hope to get a better quote. If you decide to visit another garage and your car has dangerous faults, you would not able to drive your car. You have to use a towing vehicle.

What If My MOT is Valid And My Car Fails Its Test?

You can drive your car because your current certificate is still working. However, we will not favour this idea. Since your car has failed its test, it means that it is not roadworthy. Thus, you should repair the faults and submit your car for the retest or full MOT Brierley Hill again.

If you want more information about the MOT test, you can visit your nearby centre or you can browse the official website of the centre.