Future Tyre Techs That Are Sure To Blow Your Mind

With the increasing modern cars on the road, the need for tyre evolution has seen a significant upsurge as well. With the dawn of the era of modern cars, it was imperative for the tyre industry to advance along with these cars. To help the environment with sustainable development, tyre companies in present use green technologies to manufacture their tyres. The great technological advancements like Run-flat tyres have become the technology of the old. Modern tyres are expected to do the impossibles. Some of which are self-inflating tyres, smart tyres with electronic chips, and Ultra silent tyres etc.

All the big names in the tyre manufacturing industry are investing heavily in the research and development of new techs. No single company can be accredited to the advancement of the industry.

Therefore, to make you aware of some of the best upcoming technologies let us introduce some of them to you:

Narrow and tall tyres: The tyres are aerodynamically sound and save highly on fuel. When BMW manufactured their new car known as BMW i3, they found a need for developing new tyres for it as well. This requirement led to the innovation of tall and narrow tyres for the car. The tyres are made to last longer and cover more distance because of their bigger diameter. The tyres not only make the car look sporty but also perform excellently.

Electronic chips in the tyre: With everything getting smart nowadays, why should tyres be left behind. With the new tech, it will be possible to insert electronic chips in the tyres. Tyres will automatically know when to inflate and lose the pressure accordingly. It will help your car with anti-locking of the brakes and will electronically control your tyres on the roads.

Self inflating tyres: In modern days you will not find the need to go to an auto centre to get your tyres inflated. The tyres will be capable of doing all of that by itself. This will also help the drivers to reduce the uneven wearing of their tyres. The drivers will save significantly on the need to buy new tyres as well.

Contisilent tech: Continental tyres are extensively working on reducing the noise in the cabin of a car. The tyres, when developed, will be able to cut the noise up to 9db. This will enhance the driving experience and also provide a comfortable drive on the roads around the world.

Twin chamber tyres: The tyres are currently being developed for SUVs but will, later on, be manufactured for every variant of the car. The tyres have two different air chambers, so if one of the chambers fails and gets punctured, the vehicle will still be able to run at lowered speed. The tyres will remove the situations of flat tyres and help the driver to continue with their journey along with puncture in the tyre.

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