Get convinced why you must buy winter tyres in cold climate

The count of accidents is quite more in winters as compared to in summers. You must go for winter tyres to save yourself and your family during a journey. Once you get to know about the benefits offered by the winter tyres, you won’t use summer tyres in winters anymore.


You must know that low traction is enabled in tyres during winter whether it’s snowy, icy, slushy or just moist road. Hence, tyres offer very less overall performance during this period.


The ice crystals get melted by the heat radiated due to friction on icy roads. The tyres get a smooth and slight water layer below it. To scatter the water properly, the winter tread has enhanced grooves. This minimises the aquaplaning risk and ensures more stability in moist conditions.


Winter Tyres Batley provide shorter braking distances than summer tyres. This is because of various compounds in their tread and more depth of tread. A test was conducted on ice and it was observed that the stopping distance is 68 m with 30 km/h with tyres for summer and 57 m with winter tyres. This difference is enough to prevent an accident.


Specially added silica and soft rubber compound are used to construct winter tyres. This ensures less noise on-road and offers proper grip in lower temperatures. Winter tyres never get hard in cool temperature, unlike the summer tyres. Therefore, winter tyres must be used when the temperature falls below 7°C even if there is no ice or snow. Many countries even make the demand to make use of winter tyres by law.


Differences between summer tyres and winter tyres


The major difference between summer and winter tyres are:

  • Sipes or small jagged slits that cover the surface of tread blocks. Hence, the traction gets improved and the area of contact is improved.
  • Soft rubber compound having natural rubber is used to make winter tyres. This stays soft in cool temperatures.
  • Snow gets collected by this kind of tread pattern due to their design. Hence, the grip on ice and snow is improved.
  • As compared to conventional summer tyres, the water is dispersed effectively by winter tyres. These have deep grooves in the tread.


Summer tyres are preferred in most cars in the UK. There is no special law for using winter tyres for winter months. But, all-season or winter tyres are compulsory in specific weather situation in many countries.


Save more by using winter tyres in cold climate and summer tyres in the hot climate


The price that you pay for using summer Tyres Batley in all season is the same as using four winter or summer tyres in every season for long. Also, it is far better to have four summer and winter tyres already mounted on wheels. This is because replacing them is easy and tyres wear very less. When you travel twice the miles, you can compensate for the price you pay for two tyre sets.


Without putting pressure on your pocket, you can drive comfortably, safely, and fast. After all, safety must be your priority.


Winter tyres must be mounted on all the four wheels


Mounting winter tyres on the wheels is the best option. Vehicle turning or even over steering in curves may be experienced if you don’t mount winter tyres on, both, rear and the front axle.

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