Goodyear Shows off Longer-Lasting Tyres for Electric Vehicles

The future belongs to electric vehicles or EVs. Hybrid cars may be ruling the roost in global markets currently. However, all-round electric cars are not too distant a dream. Humans have emitted enough CO2 to last a lifetime. Scientists warn that vehicular pollution is a leading cause of longer-than-usual heat waves which have risen in 2018.

While the technology behind EVs is somewhat complicated, their tyres, barring minor changes, will remain identical to standard car tyres. However, EVs are significantly heavier than conventional vehicles, and that places a lot more weight on its tyres than ordinary cars. Their tyres, therefore, must be able to withstand a lot more wear and tear.

In short, existing tyre manufacturing technologies must also evolve with evolving EV technology. Thus, a BMW i3 with Goodyear tyres will fetch significantly more mileage than a similar EV tyre. It is a riddle that lacked a solution.

Until now!

Goodyear’s New Wizardry

Goodyear showed off its new technology at 2018’s Geneva Motor Show. It is an exhibition where the latest technology is shown off to the world. A new tyre, called rather ambitiously “EfficientGrip Performance”, has now been deemed by Goodyear as being the ‘go-to’ tyre for EVs of the future.

Some technology reviewers say that this name is quite a mouthful and is a marketing gimmick. It is more than that, however. From what Goodyear says, this tyre will be a revolution of sorts for EVs. Read on to know more.

Is There Anything New in This Tyre?

The reality is that this tyre has at least four areas in which it is ahead of the pack. For EVs to be economical, their tyres must sustain increasing distances without wearing out. Goodyear has shown that:

  • Electric vehicles need higher quality tyres because their increased torque puts tremendous pressure when the tyres contact the surface.
  • Battery packs that power EVs weigh a lot. Their contribution to the total weight is significant.

To combat these challenges, Goodyear has produced this dynamic new tyre with thinner channels in the tread. It ensures that a lot more surface area is in contact with the ground while that torque delivers better and more efficient grip. In short, Goodyear has turned the tide in what is a lopsided technological battle.

EVs in The UK and Goodyear’s Pièce de Résistance

This new technology will affect electric vehicles in the UK too. Cheap car tyres in Spalding and other areas will become a reality. Companies like Tesla Motors will soon manufacture relatively inexpensive electric motor vehicles. These tyres will contribute immensely to make them even more feasible for the general public.

A tyre like this will change prevailing market dynamics. It is true that mass production of these tyres will take some time, but customers from Spalding can check out the full range of Matmore Motor Parts tyres in Spalding and choose the products best suited for them. If you own an EV, watch this space for more updates.