Got Your Car Service Checks Done?

Tyres ShrewsburyAs suggested by all the professionals dealing with cars and other automotive that servicing is an essential task for the good health of every vehicle. Good performance and its long life are the two main attractions that are the outcome of car servicing. The best that you can do about the car performance is to keep all the parts of it in a proper shape which in turn shall allow high performance.

If you have decided to take your automotive to the garage for a car service, are you aware of what this service offers? Customer awareness is also vital regarding their car at the least, if not more. There are a few things that need to be checked for sure during car servicing, which is why all should maintain a checklist of their own and instruct the technicians at work.

Kinds of Service Checks

Before we get to the servicing checklist, it is essential to know about the kinds of car servicing are provided by the service centres. One is the short term service that does not include a thorough check-up but just the essentials. This is also for a shorter period, and so if you opt for this, you need to visit the garage regularly for proper maintenance. On the other hand, the long term service is the one that includes all-round check-up, and it is a thorough process. Going for the long term service ensures safety for a more extended period. If you choose this, then it would benefit your car a lot, and you also do not need to revisit the garage frequently.

Now let us have a clear conception about the two kinds of checklist for the different servicing.

Short Term Checklist

This includes the rudimentary checking of all the necessary parts like

  • The engine
  • Tyres newport
  • Oil and coolant level
  • Headlights
  • Brake and parking lights
  • Air filter
  • Oil filters

If regularly short term servicing is done for the car, then everything is not necessary to be checked at once, and if there is any kind of a problem, it can easily be caught. So usually the required checking of all sorts of lights and indicators are checked for sure. Then there is the tyre pressure checking during which even the tread depth is measured for the minimum level. Oil filters are cleaned and changed if needed, and so are the air filters, and it results in the car being fuel-efficient. The coolant level and the oil levels need to be checked as low levels of these can impact the working of the engine and cause problems too.

Along with the ones mentioned above, Tyres Shrewsbury rotation is also taken care of as it is essential for tyres’ even wear and last longer. Waxing of the vehicle also falls under this category which ensures the long-lasting shine of your car.

Long Term Checklist

This is a little longer for a list since it includes all that is mentioned under the short term list, and there is more to add. This is more time consuming and is a thorough check-up of your car.

  • Talking of Tyres Shrewsbury, it does everything that the tyres need starting from alignment to the rotation.
  • The body is attended to more carefully, and all colour chipping is mended so are the dents.
  • The critical systems like the brake, engine, cooling, security as well as the emission system are looked into minutely to make sure there is no damage or possibility of it shortly. In case some anomalies are caught, they are fixed immediately.

Once a full car service is completed, your vehicle will become as good as new and can perform for a long time without inspection. Now that you have the checklist for both kinds of service, make sure you check it with the technicians and go for any type of car servicing according to your convenience.