Heavy-duty Commercial Truck Tyres Explained

Heavy vehicles are made for carrying heavy loads, and usually the run on long highways. Road conditions for these vehicles are not always favourable. You can easily imagine that the tyres in these vehicles are the most important components because they move the vehicle on the roads and hold a combined weight of the vehicle and the load carried by the vehicle.

Therefore, it is extremely advantageous if the drivers maintain the Tyres Hucknall appropriately. If the driver does so, the tyres used in trucks and trailers will have a long life along with the improved performance of the vehicle.

If you have a heavyweight vehicle, we have a piece of valuable information for you in this blog.

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Vital parts of Tyres

Tyre manufacturers design the Tyres Basford consisting of different layers that are crucially important to enhance safety, longevity, and fuel efficiency.

Let us have a brief look at each layer of truck tyres.

Inner liner:

This part forms the innermost part of the tyre made up of synthetic rubber. This part holds the air inside the rubber structure so the air cannot move out.

Carcass ply:

It is made up of textile fibre cords that are bonded into the rubber. The main function of this part is providing strength to the tyre. Most importantly, this component of the tyre determines the loading capacity of the vehicle.


The bead is made up of wire, steel, and rubber. This component keeps the tyre and rim fixed to each other firmly when a sudden reduction in air pressure takes place.


Sidewall provides flexibility to the tyres besides protecting them from receiving damage.


It is also called crown ply. It is made of steel cords bonded into rubber. It is situated between the tread and carcass keeping both parts connected.

Cap ply:

This part is situated just underneath the tread. It is constructed with the help of polyester fabric. The main function of this layer is to prevent the tyres from overheating because of friction.


Tyre tread is the outermost layer of the tyre. It is made up of a combination of natural and synthetic rubber. This layer is manufactured using thickest rubber since it makes direct contact with the road.

Nowadays, all leading brands are making high-grade tyres with amazing features. That is why a buyer may feel confused in making a final decision.

If you are about to buy a new set of truck tyres, you have to consider the following section.

How to select a high-quality truck tyre?

High-quality truck tyres are optimised to carry the commercial truck’s weight. To ensure the tyres are correctly optimised according to the vehicle’s needs, you may refer to the user’s manual that is supposed to state the correct diameter size.

To know more about choosing the best commercial tyres for your truck or trailer, you need to visit Hucknall Lane Service Centrethat is a reliable source for buying tyres and other related services.

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