Here is how you can pass the next MOT test with flying colours

As vehicle owners, one of the most critical concerns is the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. This check is not just a legal requirement, but it’s a means to check the safety of the driver and the vehicle before it hits the road. It also takes care of the emission level of the car and makes sure that you play your part in protecting the environment.

So, what is an MOT test?

MOT in Bristol is an annual test for every vehicle that is older than 3 years to make sure that it is roadworthy and safe for the road. However, vintage cars over 40 years are exempted from this road-worthy test. This annual vehicle-check takes into account the various parameters that contribute significantly to the optimum functioning of a vehicle.

In case you have an upcoming MOT test, here is how you can sail past the test –

  1. The tread depth of your tyres – Check!

When it comes to a tyres ability to grip the road, tread depth of tyres is exceptionally crucial. It helps avoid aquaplaning and hence, ensures the safety of both driver and vehicles. Therefore, one of the vital parameter- checks in the MOT test is the read depths of the tyres. Although UK laws state that tread depth needs to be a minimum of 1.6mm, experts recommend keeping at least 3mm for maximum performance. Although most of the tyres come with built-in tread indicators, in case of doubt, you can always approach this reputed garage for checking tread depth before you turn up for an MOT in Bristol.

  1. Vehicle’s suspension – Check!

In case your vehicle frequents roads filled with potholes and curbs, this is a crucial point to check in before your upcoming MOT test. Damaged shock absorbers can cause unnecessary vibrations, which hampers the overall driving experience. More often than not, a broken shock absorber creates an issue in the manoeuvring of the car, which may lead to increased brake distance, and hence, fatal accidents. You can drop by at a certified garage like Sam’s Tyres for a pre-MOT check in Bristol. They have provisions for the repair of all MOT parts such as brakes, batteries and tyres.

  1. Lights, number plates, and mirrors – Check!

Make sure that all the lights of your car are in perfect working order before you go for an MOT in Bristol. Also, make sure your car’s registration plates are visible from a distance. There mustn’t be any objects on the car’s windshield like stickers which could obstruct the driver’s view. Your vehicle’s mirrors also need to be adequately functional as they’re essential components while driving.

  1. Exhaust and emissions – Check!

Your vehicle’s exhaust system will be inspected for signs of any leakage. If your car had a catalytic converter previously, it must still be present. The fuel system is also checked for signs of leaks. In an emission test, a gas analyser is used to probe the smoke emitted from your vehicle’s exhaust. The tester also makes sure if there’s excessive black or dense blue smoke, which is a common cause for failing an MOT test in Bristol.

So, this MOT season, get your car decked up and watch it fly past the test with flying colours!

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