Here’s What you Should Know About Ultra-High Performance Tyres?

Tyres are an indispensable part of the vehicle. No matter how much we ignore them, it’s a fact that they are the ones that take us to our destinations safely. When we talk of tyres there are myriads of varieties available in the market. To begin with, there are tyres according to the seasons. Like there are summer, winter tyres Leek, and all-season tyres. In another category, some tyres cater to different surfaces, for instance, 4×4 tyres and mud tyres. Then there is a third category of tyres called ultra-high-performance tyres (UHP).

The last category of tyres is not a name synonymous with common people. That’s because when these tyres were introduced in the market, they were only meant to be used in the motorsport world. You could find these tyres on high-octane sports cars. They are meant to provide speed to the vehicle and despite the speed, they handle the vehicle really well. However, times are changing and so are the demands from the customers. Vehicle manufacturers are now fixing these tyres to other high-end luxury vehicles as well. If you still aren’t sure what these tyres are, then this blog is for you.

Why are UHP tyres special?

The unique rubber compound of tyres consists of silica which is specifically built to meet the high-end needs of the vehicle.

These tyres are constructed in such a manner that they provide the best handling and stability on the road.

These tyres are meant to provide accurate precision in steering. The rubber used in these tyres provides excellent grip on the roads.

The tread pattern has grooves and blocks in such a manner that they help you in getting a shorter braking distance.

With these tyres, you get safety at high speed as the contact patch on the road is quite wide.

The size of the rim is large, while the sidewalls are narrow so that there can be space for proper braking. That’s how your vehicle remains in your control even at higher speeds.

How many types of UHP tyres are there?

As we’d mentioned previously, you don’t just get regular tyres, but UHP tyres also according to the seasons.

UHP tyres meant for the summer season

When the roads are dry, you get excellent cornering on the roads with these tyres. In fact, even if the roads are damp, the level of performance doesn’t change in the case of these tyres.

UHP tyres meant for the winter season

Winters are the toughest season to drive on the roads. Roads become quite slippery during this time. But UHP tyres handle that really well. Aquaplaning is also not an issue with these tyres.

UHP tyres for throughout the year

These are the all-weather tyres that can be used year-round. They can’t be used with extremely low temperatures and neither with high temperatures. But the best part with these tyres is that they provide superb traction on the roads.

How are these tyres tested?

UHP tyres are specifically tested for grip on the roads, their handling of the vehicle, response to steering, and stability on the roads. When the car takes a sharp turn, these tyres are tested for cornering at high speeds. Traction on the roads is very important. It’s checked whether the tyres are just spinning on the roads or the tyres remain firm on the ground even after acceleration.

Can UHP tyres be used by everyone?

Well, if you want an enhanced performance of your vehicle on the roads and you’re in love with the speed, then these tyres are perfect for you. Driving at speed doesn’t mean you drive rashly. If you’re also a racer, then also these tyres are meant for you. These Cheap tyres Leek are meant to extract the best out of your vehicle.

Get your hands on these tyres and you’ll know the difference.

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