Here’s Why You Need to Take Care of Your Exhaust System

Did you know that a faulty exhaust system can lower your car’s fuel efficiency? Not only that, but it can also cause the following:

1. Pungent Smell From The Engine Bay

Exhaust fumes from a failing gasket can cause the component and wiring nearby to burn. This can emit a pungent smell and also generate smoke in some cases.

2. Reduced Acceleration And Power

A leak in the exhaust manifold can cause your engine’s performance to decrease which, in turn, will lead to lower acceleration and power.

3. Noisy Engine

A leaking exhaust manifold gasket will also cause your car engine to make excessive noise, especially during acceleration or a cold start.

If you are not familiar with the exhaust system, here is a brief explanation to help you get a better idea of it:

Your car’s exhaust system consists of the following parts –

I. Exhaust manifold

The primary objective of an exhaust manifold is to transport the exhaust fumes from your car engine to the exhaust pipe.

II. Exhaust Pipe

Exhaust pipe transports the gases from the manifold out of your car.

III. Muffler

A muffler reduces the sound caused by your car engine. It typically contains a resonating chamber, or a stainless scrubble or fibreglass insulation to lower your car engine sounds.

IV. Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter converts the harmful gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen, and unburned hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water.

The above included the primary parts of an exhaust system. Just like your tyres Alfreton, you also have to maintain your car exhaust:

A. Fix any Leaks

Leaks in an exhaust system are the primary culprits. An exhaust manifold will develop leaks owing to vibration, heat, and pressure. Further, it can also crack. The pipes can also have leaks with them which can be further caused by corrosion and rust.

At first sight of leaks, you need to head over to Colemans Garage in Alfreton to have your car exhaust serviced.

B. Clean Your Exhaust Pipe

Over time, your exhaust pipe will get dirty and even attract corrosion and rust. A blocked exhaust pipe can hinder the elimination of the fumes. Thus, it can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency and also its performance.

You can easily clean your exhaust pipe using a few items like water, soap, degreaser, metal polish, steel wool, hard brush, and microfiber cloth.

Firstly, use soap and water to clean your exhaust pipe. Then, apply the degreaser to the insides and outsides of your exhaust pipe. Leave it for some time and then remove it with the steel wool. Next, apply the metal polish with the steel wool, both inside and outside. Finally, remove the polish with the help of the microfiber cloth.

C. Fix the Broken Components

Your exhaust system has various components that help it stay in place. Like, the hangers keep your exhaust pipes in place. Damaged hangers can lead to your exhaust pipes becoming unsecured dangerously. It can further cause problems to other exhaust components.

Hence, you need to look out for such damages and have them repaired at the earliest.

Just like you take care of your Exhaust System Alfreton, you will also have to take care of your exhaust to keep your car performance up to the mark.

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