How do Car Painting and Wheel Refurbishment Services Work?

If you want to maintain your car properly, you have to repair your car at regular intervals. Repair work of a car includes several steps and processes. Car painting and wheel refurbishment are the two main processes of car repair work.

In this blog, we would like to discuss these important car repair services.

What is car painting?

Car painting is an important process of car repairing. This process includes all the steps that restore the pain of the vehicle.

The car painting process is completed with the help of several steps like preparation, painting different parts of the car, and polishing of car body.

The car parts that are often painted include car body doors and hoods.

Car painting is related to the style and looks of the vehicle. Therefore, you need high-quality car painters to get excellent results.

Right professionals are usually well-trained and experienced. Therefore, you can expect to get optimum results with these trained professionals.

You can select the pain of your choice from a large collection of car paints and vanishes.

High-quality car painting is enough to keep the bodywork of your vehicle preserved for a long time.

Let us discuss the main steps of the car painting process.

Preparation for a car painting

Adding protective layers:

Before a professional starts to paint the car, he will protect the car parts that are not painted. He was supposed to do it with the help of plastic films, paper, or adhesive tape.

Car body cleaning:

After other parts of the car are protected, the professional is supposed to clean the vehicle’s body. The cleaning process removes dust and rust from the body.

This step is extremely important for the pain work since improperly cleaned area leads to chips and drips of pain and paint transitions.

Car body primer:

A primed surface will hold the pain for a long time. Thus, to ensure the durability of the paintwork, the professional is supposed to apply primer on the cleaned surface.

This is the last step of preparation, and the professional is ready to car paintwork.

Now the main step of the car painting starts.

Car painting

Car paint is usually diluted with correct solvents before the car paintwork is started.

The professionals apply multiple coats of paint to acquire satisfactory results.


Polishing is the last stage of car paint. Different brands of car polish are available in the market, and the professional is free to choose according to price and quality.

So, this is the overall process of car painting service.

Now, we can talk about the second important process that is wheel refurbishment.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Tafarnaubach process repairs the alloy wheels that have a lot their shine due to dents and rust.

Alloy wheel refurbishment restores the previous look of your old wheels. Therefore, this is a cost-effective process when you do not want to buy a set of alloy wheels. It is also beneficial if you want to sell your car and want to increase its selling price.

The following steps are included in a standard wheel repair service:

This process starts with cleaning the alloy wheels. Next, cleaning is done to reveal the signs of rust, dents, and dirt. A cleaned allows wheel will show all the affected areas clearly.

After this step, the professional dry the alloy wheel and masks of the tyre to protect it during the wheel repair process.

In the next step, the professional lightly sand the damaged area. After this step, the filler is applied to the damaged area to fill the scuffs and scratches.

Then, it is sanded again.

Now, the wheel is ready for primer. After this step, paint is sprayed over the affected area.

The last step is polishing the alloy wheel.

As you see, Car Body Paint Tafarnaubach and alloy wheel refurbishment are the two main processes of car repairing work. You can visit a reliable garage if you want to change the look of your car completely.


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