How Do The Clutch of A Car Works

Have you ever given a thought how the energy from your engine is transferred to your wheels? If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you. As we all know, pistons in the engine mover to and fro when the fuel is burnt in the combustion chamber of a car’s engine. This to and fro motion drives the crankshaft of the vehicle. The same energy is transferred to the driven shaft that connects to the wheels of a car.

Easy? No, not that much. If the power were to be transferred directly from the engine to the wheels, the car would move as soon as the engine comes in the ignition mode. But that as we all know that is not the case. So, what are we missing here? Yes, yes, you are almost there, yes. If you have guessed that clutch of your vehicle has something to do with it, then you are right, my friend.

If there are different gears in any machine clutch will always be present in the system of it. Be it a drill machine or a car clutch plays a significant role in the transfer of the power to the drill bits or the wheels. Clutch serves as a link between the drive and driven shaft. It holds on to both of them and helps them to connect.

If you have noticed a driver has to press his car’s clutch in order to shift the gears. What is really, happening here is that pressing the clutch disengages the driving shaft from the shaft that is being driven. The flywheel of the clutch system provides the inertial force that helps the wheel to rotate while the engine is disengaged. Meanwhile, the gears are changed. Once the gear is changed, the clutch is released, and it again engages the engine to the driven shaft of the wheels.

This is how the power from the engine is safely transferred to the wheels of a car. If there will be no clutch while changing gears, the shafts may bend, or it may cause problems with the gears of a vehicle. The issues can commonly be seen with a malfunctioning clutch. As a symptom, you might encounter jerks while putting your vehicle in gears.

In many cases, it becomes hard to put the vehicle in reverse or third gear. If you encounter any of these problems, you must get your clutch repair Dudley with an expert. In many cases, one may also find their clutch sticking to the floor or getting hard to press. Both of the problems point out to failing hydraulics of a clutch system.

Though neglected, the clutch of a car plays a crucial but straightforward role in maintaining safe movability of a vehicle. If you are having the difficulty of any kind with your vehicle, stay calm, and drive it to us. Our experts here at tyre city are skilled to provide a vast range of car service Dudley. We would suggest you not to worry, and make sure to bring the car to us.