How Does Tyre Inflation Affect Our Vehicle’s Fuel Consumption?

Tyres aren’t just responsible for taking you to your destination safely, but they also affect the fuel consumption of your car. It’s quite surprising for most of us to know, but that’s true. You’d be surprised to know that your tyres don quite a few hats. They are responsible for braking, cornering and even accelerating your vehicle. One area that was often ignored by most people till now, that tyres can decide the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes on an everyday basis. Here’s what you’d like to know about your tyres.

Why Do Tyres Need To Be Inflated From Time To Time?

Our tyres need to be properly and correctly inflated. Tyre inflation is the most important aspect related to our tyres and the performance of our tyres heavily depends upon the inflation of your Nexen tyres Wrexham. The tyres keep releasing some air as they are driven on the roads. Since they carry the entire weight of the vehicle, there’s too much pressure on them. It’s this pressure that lets the air release in small amounts. That’s why it’s often recommended by experts that air pressure should be checked every few weeks.

Most importantly, it should be checked when the tyres are cold. That’s because when you drive your vehicle, friction is created between the tyres and the road. This friction heats up the tyres and that’s how they become hot. Air pressure gauges in such cases will never give the correct reading of the air inside them.

How Tyre Inflation Affects Fuel Consumption?

A recent survey reported that approximately 62% of vehicles in Britain are running on improperly inflated tyres. In such cases, regular tyre checks become all the more important. Underinflation is the most serious problem in the tyres. When tyres don’t have sufficient air in them, they become dangerous to drive. There’s a huge risk of a blowout on the roads. You will notice the disintegration of wheels. The worst part here is, it’ll be quite difficult for you to handle your vehicle well on the roads. The structural integrity of the tyre can also get compromised. It won’t be wrong to assume that if you keep driving such tyres for a long time, you might notice the steel of the wheel also visible in some time.

Basically, underinflated tyres can be a great threat when you keep driving them. Such tyres consume more fuel as the engine needs to exert more pressure to move the vehicle forward. Naturally, they need more fuel to run. It has been seen that tyres consume 10% fuel more when they are underinflated. Such tyres also have a high rate of wear and tear. That means they wear out even before time.

How Often Should You Check Your Tyre Pressure?

Whether it’s summers or winters, the air in the Tyres Wrexham should be checked at least once a month. Many vehicles are equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Generally, the light comes on and you can fill your tyres with the right amount of air. This may happen in winters, but not so often in summers. Despite that make it a ritual to check. Properly inflated tyres are a blessing that you must experience each time.