How effective are winter tyres in the UK?

Even though winter tyres have become more and more popular all around the UK as most drivers prefer to switch tyres during the winter once the cold and snow approach, there are still a lot of questions when it comes to understanding what exactly winter tyres are and whether they make any difference.

Whenever the snow begins to fall, most roads have to close down. But you should not blame the weather, it is the lack of proper tyres which make it difficult for everyone to maintain control while driving on this type of surface. This is why a nice set of Winter Tyres Wolverhampton can be the difference between staying home and avoiding using your car whenever the roads are tricky and keep with your normal life as you do during the summer.

Let’s analyze what makes winter tyres different from all the rest of Tyres Wolverhampton and debate whether they are worth it.

What makes winter tyres special?

First of all, winter tyres were designed to handle icy and snowy roads, however, they are not useful only during this season. Winter tyres use natural rubber which makes them softer. Whenever the rubber touches the road the temperature rises which improves the grip. As they offer a better grip, they are safer and more reliable than summer ones. So they can be used in all kinds of climate conditions compared to other tyres with harder compounds.

One of the main things to understand is that winter tyres are by no means snow tyres or ice tyres. On the contrary, they are intended to stand low temperatures and handle slippery surfaces. They offer more traction and grip so they also come in handy during rainy days. They can perform perfectly on dry, ice, rain, and snow.

Winter tyres stand from the rest due to three distinct characteristics. First, winter tyres use more grooves on their tread. These extra grooves can expel extra water and snow, which avoids aquaplaning. These tiny grooves hold better into ice and sludge, and also ensures more traction and better braking. Secondly, they are built using more silica in their compound, this makes them softer even in cold climates.

Finally, the rubber blocks in winter tyres tend to vibrate whenever the car moves, so all the snow will come out.

Benefits of winter tyres

Winter tyres have better gripping on cold surfaces, it does not matter if the roads are dry or wet

As they can deliver greater safety while maintaining their elasticity, they are harder to wear compared to summer tyres. Winter Tyres Wolverhampton are far more practical than any other type of tyre.

Winter tyres are the best choice when the temperature falls under 7 degrees. The way winter tyres are designed makes them the perfect set to deal with all kinds of cold weather, ice, snow, and even dry roads. They offer better grip and traction mainly on slippery roads.

As you can see, when it comes to low-grip environments and cold temperatures, winter tyres are just what you need, especially if you reside in a place like Wolverhampton where the weather tends to change all year-long.

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