How Often Should You Get Your Car’s Battery Changed?

When we take our car for a service, we get everything done but overlook one of the main components – the car battery. From ignition to the headlamps, the battery is responsible for many functions in your car.

For proper functioning of the computerised features and other electronic devices, a car battery should be in great shape. A flat battery is one of the top reasons for the assistance call on the highway. People often don’t pay attention to their car’s power source and hence, end up encountering such problems.

Let Us Tell You How You Can Determine If It is Time to Replace Your Battery Or Not?

Even though batteries are made to last more than five years, some of them may break down well before three years. Just as any other rechargeable battery, like the battery of an inverter or that of a smartphone, the battery of a car degenerates with each charging and discharging cycle.

No battery, even after maintaining it with proper care, can be called reliable once it crosses the four-year mark.

But How Can Someone Identify That a Battery is Nearing the End of Its Lifespan?

It is quite simple. If your battery is functioning properly, even though it has reached the five-year mark, don’t misjudge it. This is only possible because that much charge is actually coming from the engine.

There are many signs that indicate your battery’s need for a replacement:


When the Engine Takes a Long Time to Start, It is Time You Start Suspecting Your Battery.

The sparks created with the help of your car’s battery are not enough to ignite the fuel, and hence, it takes much longer than usual.

Headlights are Dimmer.

The best way to find that you need battery replacing is by evaluating the intensity of headlights. To do that, wait till the dusk or night when the natural light is fading away or has faded away. Now, turn on the headlights and compare it with the running engine’s intensity. If there is any visible difference, that means your battery is failing to keep up with the lighting requirements of the car.

Can You Increase The Lifetime Of Your Battery?

Yes, of course you can. Just like other parts of your car, it also requires that you take care of it.

  • Stop your onboard computerised system from draining out your battery. With newer cars come newer computers. These computers are responsible for draining more energy as the electronics of these computers are enhanced and high-tech. Stop your onboard computers from using your car’s battery when the vehicle is not in the ignition mode.

  • The computers are responsible for draining the battery at a slow pace and hence, in the long run, deteriorating the overall performance of the battery.

  • Never leave your air conditioning and lights on unnecessarily, especially in ignition mode.

  • Drive your car on a regular basis to prevent the complete breakdown of your vehicle.

  • Always get your battery serviced when you get your car serviced; get it clean of any dirt and grit to ensure that it runs for at least four years with full dependency.

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