How Servicing Your Car Actually Saves You Money?

Your car manufacturer might have recommended you to service your vehicle every 12 months. Now, you might have some technical know-how to maintain your car and do so regularly. You might even think that a yearly servicing is redundant after the same.

The actual requirement of such annual visits is a thorough check-up of your vehicle that you may not be able to perform at home. Spending a few on a yearly car service in Easington also saves you considerably.


  • No Surprise Expenses – Keeping your car serviced eliminates any surprising break downs that can cost you a fortune.
  • Low Fuel Consumption – Regular servicing saves you on fuel with a consistent economy.
  • Better Engine Performance – Your car engine remains healthy and performs better.
  • Higher resale value – A regularly serviced vehicle will fetch a higher resale value. Keep the service receipts, and a customer will pay you an adequate amount.
  • More Safety – Your car will deliver more safety & security while driving on highways if serviced correctly.
  • Fewer Emissions – Servicing your vehicle regularly lowers its carbon footprint. If you care about the environment, you must take your car to a professional garage for check-ups at least once every year.

Take your car to renowned garages like Easington Service Station to have it serviced regularly.

Types of Servicing

There are two types of servicing that car garages perform:

  1. Interim Service

Recommended – Every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

An interim service is ideal for those who drive 20,000 miles or more in a year. Car garages perform a limited number of checks with an interim service.

These include horn, windscreen wipers, engine diagnostic codes, service lights, warning lights, seat belts, interior lights, fuel cap, boot, doors, exterior lights and lamps, suspension and steering, tyres (tread depth, air pressure, and alignment), wheels, trims, engine coolant and top-up, battery and wiring, brake fluid, brake pipes, electrics, body damage, clutch operation, gearbox operation, and TPMS.

  1. Full Service

Recommended – Every 12 month or 12,000 miles.

A full service is a more extensive check of your vehicle. Garages also replace several parts if worn or damaged.

Along with the checks included in an interim service, a full service also comes the following:

  • Air conditioning and climate control check
  • Mirrors
  • Number plates
  • Coolant hoses for condition and leaks
  • Radiator condition and leaks
  • Radiator cap seal
  • Auxiliary drive belt
  • Power steering fluid
  • Exhaust system
  • Engine and transmission
  • Fuel pipes

What more?

Garages will also replace your car’s engine oil, oil filter, air filter, spark plugs (petrol cars), fuel filter (diesel cars), gearbox fluid, and brake fluid.

Note –

Checks conducted under the above two services differ with garages. Also, technicians will only perform the above tests; you might incur additional costs for any repairs or replacement.

Your hybrid car is also not left out.

Some car garages also have special services for hybrid cars. These include checking the condition of charging cable and charging port, inverter coolant, high voltage cables and connections, etc.

Make sure you refer to the best garage for a Car Service Easington. Only the best workshop can keep your vehicle healthy and ensure you get optimal performance and service life from it.

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