How to confirm you need new tyres?

Branded and high-quality tyre makers claim that their products are durable. But no one of them can tell you exactly how long a tyre lasts.

At a certain time, you need to change your Yokohama Tyres Whitchurch. However, your decision to replace the tyres depends on several factors.

Experts say that you can increase or decrease the life of your tyres by considering these vital factors.

Your user’s manual is the best source information that tells you some set rules to follow in terms of changing your tyres.

Generally, you must consider the health of your tyres after five years and if you have not changed your tyres even after 10 years, you must thoroughly inspect your tyres to make a final decision.

Actually, 10 years is a maximum limit and after this limit, you must change your tyres in any condition.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you maintain your tyres appropriately you will be able to add some more years to the life of your tyres.

By maintaining your tyres properly, you have to fight with the factors that are responsible for damaging your tyres.

These factors are:

Driving habits

If you are a careless driver and have a bad habit of driving your car at high speeds, you may damage your tyres before the normal time. Moreover, harsh braking, quick starts, poor car maintenance, and ignoring car servicing schedules are also some main reasons for reducing the life of the tyres.

Physical factors

Some of the prime physical factors are ageing and road conditions. Puncture hits and friction weaken the sidewall of the tyres. As a result, you may observe bulges and cuts on the sidewall.

Climatic factors:

UV rays coming from the sunlight affect the rubber compound of the tyres. Moreover, the tyres have to run snow, mud and sand. These factors gradually affect the health of your tyres.

Errors in using tyres

Tyres may experience severe damage if you do not use them properly. The drivers must install the tyres in the car according to the suggestions provided in the car manual.

Some usual errors made by car owners are using improper size, mixing season-based tyres, using winter tyres in summer and vice versa.

When do you need to change your tyres?

Now, you can easily understand that you cannot use your tyres forever since most of the damaging factors are not under your control. So, you have to replace them when they are severely damaged.

We suggest that you must change your Tyres Whitchurch when you observe the following signs of damage.

  • Balding tyres with an inappropriate tread depth
  • Signs of cuts, blisters and bulges on the sidewall
  • Holes in the tread
  • Damaged or deformed tyre bead

Avoiding these signs can be dangerous because the safety of your car crucially depends on the health of your tyres. Therefore, after observing these signs, you cannot afford driving on these tyres. we also provide Car Service Whitchurch

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