How to Deal With a Flat Tyre?

Tyres are one of those parts of your car that are always in motion throughout your journey. Their continuous motion impacts their performance over time. Tyres also have to endure the extremely hot and chilly temperatures. Such a temperature difference expands and contracts tyres. This results in weakening of their structure. This also impacts the pressure of the air inside the tyre. Such a change in pressure of tyres in which air leaks out of it is called flat tyre. Depending upon the level of harm, a flat tyre can be repaired or not. It is generally advised not to drive on a flat tyre. The following article will discuss why one should never drive on a flat tyre and how one can change or repair a flat tyre. 

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When to Call a Tyre a Flat Tyre

A tyre that has lost all its air is called a flat tyre. This loss of air can be due to various reasons such as a puncture or damage. It isn’t easy to ascertain the cause for the flat tyre just by looking at it. It takes an inspection from a tyre expert or a mechanic to determine the exact reason for a flat tyre.

Why You Should Not Drive on a Flat Tyre

  • You will end up damaging the tyre more- A flat tyre puts a lot of pressure on the tyre’s interior materials. Damage that was once on the outside of the tyre will damage the interiors of the tyre. Such damages are, most of the time, irreparable. This is why it is advised not to drive on a flat tyre and use Tyre Repair Manchester services as soon as possible.
  • Wheel damage- once the tyre is deflated, it does not provide any cushion to the wheel. If the wheels are alloy wheels, the damage can permanently damage them. The composition of alloy wheels also makes them vulnerable to damage. Even a small crack can snowball into a big cut and damage the wheel permanently. Repair your tyre to limit the damage.
  • After the loss of the air from your tyres, damage to the car makes them very bad at providing cushion to your car. If you hit a bump or a pothole, your vehicle won’t be protected. This force of a collision can damage your car and hence increase the risk of more damage. 
  • Reduced control- tyres that are correctly inflated provide excellent traction to the car. Once the tyre is flat, it cannot give the necessary friction to the vehicle. In such situations, it is very easy for drivers to lose control of the car. The earlier the problem is rectified, the easier it is to repair tyres. Your delay in repairing tyres in such conditions can put yours and others’ lives in danger. 

How to Repair a Flat Tyre

  • Once you encounter a flat tyre, park your car on the side of the road.
  • Try to spot the location of the puncture.
  • Apply sealant to the damaged area
  • Fill air into your tyre
  • This system is not meant to last long. Take your car to your nearest garage for a permanent solution. 

Tyres are made to accomplish a variety of functions in your car. These make your journey possible and also make your ride safer. To ignore such a significant anomaly as a flat tyre can jeopardise your safety. If you don’t know anything about changing flat tyres or a novice in dealing with automotive parts, do not try anything. You might end up damaging the tyre more. Take your car to the nearest store for fast and reliable service.

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