How To Deal With Car Punctures

Tyre Repair ManchesterSmall problems can turn catastrophic if not paid attention to. Small car punctures are the same. They are very hard to spot until the tyres become too soft. You must not keep inflating your tyres over and over again without fixing the punctures. Both driving and pumping air with the puncture present harms your tyres more.

How to Spot?

Visual inspection before starting a drive is a basic thing which must be in your habit. If you find a sagging tyre during your inspection, it can either indicate under-inflated tyre or a slow car puncture. Take your car to a garage that offers quality tyre repair Willenhall facilities and get the damaged repaired at the earliest.

You can search for sharp objects which might be embedded in the tyres or present around it. If you don’t find any, it is not likely to have a puncture.

If your vehicle slightly leans on a levelled road or you face difficulties in controlling your tyres, you should consider checking for punctures. An unusual ticking sound from the wheels indicates problems with the tyres.

The possibility of repair depends upon the amount of damage that has been caused to the tyres. The best you can do is to bring the tyre to a specialist. If a is over damaged or it has intense damage at the sidewalls or the edge of its treads, it can not be repaired.

Avoid Driving with a Flat Tyre

The worst part is trying to drive your car with punctured tyres. Driving becomes more difficult with the tyre getting punctured. When you press the pedal to move fast, you are prone to lose control of your car and end up in an accident.

To your relief, there is a type of tyre called run-flat tyre. It is designed to travel a distance of around 160 kilometres even after getting punctured. On the other hand, it has its drawbacks. It is stiffer than normal tyres which makes it difficult to spot the exact area of damage. Thus, restricting efficient tyre repair Wednesbury.

Also, if you drive beyond the capacity that the tyre car bear after a puncture, it can get damaged severely and might not be repairable.

How to Prevent Punctures?

The best way to prevent a car puncture is proper maintenance. To keep your tyres in their best working state, you must take care of the following:

  1. Make sure your tyre valves are in good condition

Sometimes, valves with some fault let dust and debris into them, creating air loss. This problem can be solved by removing the tyre from its rim and replacing the damaged valve.

  1. Car punctures can be caused by damaged rims

When the tyres hit kerbs or experience jerk crossing large potholes, a space between the rim and the tyres might get generated. This problem can be solved by replacing the rim.

  1. Old car tyres should be replaced

Repairing is not a good option if your car tyres are old. Repair gets more costly and less effective with every puncture they suffer. The best option here is to replace your tyres with new ones.

  1. Tyre Sealants can serve as Temporary repair

Tyre sealants are saviours when there are no garages nearby. They can not be used for permanent repair as they are very like to wear out, reopening the puncture.

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