How to deal with tyres blowouts that take place due to heat?

The heat of summer is dangerous for tyres. It may be the leading cause to explode your tyres. Have you ever observed most cases of blowouts happen in the summer months?


Indeed, a common reason for a blowout in the summer season is excessive heat. The heat has a significant effect on the air pressure in tyres. The level of air pressure increases due to heat. The level of air pressure often leads to a sudden tyre blast.

Three main factors come into play when heat affects the tyre inflation level. These factors are hot molecules, friction and rubber material.

Let us have a brief look at these factors.

Hot Molecules:

When the air gets hotter, the molecules of air vibrate, and this vibration of molecules leads to the expansion of air. Therefore, it is a normal scene to see blowouts in the summer season.


Your tyres rub against the road surface when they run on it. Therefore, it is natural to generate friction that further generates heat.


The third main factor is rubber. You must have seen a balloon that blasts when it is filled with excessive air. Similarly, your tyres are going to burst when they are filled with expanded air.

Is it possible to avoid blowouts?

It is not possible to eliminate the chances of blowouts, but you can do anything to reduce the rate of blowouts.

First of all, you have to detect the signs that show your tyres are overheating. You will find your tyres’ surface is hot, which is a clear indication that your tyre is overheating.

Moreover, your tyres’ increased air pressure also indicates that heat is causing the problem to your tyres.

So, if you want to avoid these signs, follow these tips:

Ensure your tyres are properly inflated:

If you want safe road driving, you have to ensure that you keep the tyre inflation level at the correct level. Check the air pressure regularly, and do not forget to check the air pressure if you are about to start your journey.

Stop your car when your tyres are overheating:

While you feel your tyres are overheating, stop your car for some moments and let your tyres cool down.

Replace worn tyres:

If you are driving your car with damaged and worn tyres, stop it immediately. When you replace your tyres, buy summer tyres because they are specially designed to perform in the summer season.

Drive your car slowly:

We have said above that speed is responsible for heat generation. Therefore, drive your car at optimum speed, especially during the summer months, to avoid incidents of blowouts.

Do not overload your vehicle:

Overloading increases the chances of Car Tyres Birmingham burst. Therefore make sure you follow the instruction about loading given in the user guide.

Finally, a tyre burst is a dangerous phenomenon that may result in serious accidents. The chances of blowouts are higher in the summer season, but it does not mean tyre busts do not occur in other seasons. Your tyres may blowout due to high-speed, overloading or worn tyres in other weather conditions as well. Proper maintenance of tyres is a good idea to reduce the chances of blowouts. Moreover, do not forget to examine the tyre inflation level in your tyres. We are sure your Goodyear Tyres Birmingham will perform on the roads with excellent efficiency if you ensure proper storage and maintenance.

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