How to drive and take care of your tyres in the rainy season?

Rainy days seem pleasant when you have your coffee sitting in your balcony, but heavy rain is a great challenge if you are driving your car on a busy road. However, there is nothing to worry if you have bought a set of suitable tyres.

Nowadays, Yokohama Tyres Walsall makers are quite efficient to produce high-quality tyres with great features. These features are added to the tyres with the main objective of changing the behaviour of tyres according to the challenges the tyres have to face. Surely, several types of branded tyres are suitable for your drive in the rainy season. You have to buy the most appropriate tyres.

If you are worried about next rainy season, you may consider the following factors.

The role of tread design

While we talk about dealing with the harsh weather condition, the tread design is the most important factor to consider. If you want better tyres for rainy days, you need the tyres that are made for wet conditions. It means you need specially designed channels to keep the water away easily.

For wet weather traction, you should prefer summer tyres or all-season tyres since the features of these tyres support your drive while your car is moving on a wet surface. When the rainy season is about to come, you have to make your vehicle along with your tyres is in perfect condition.

We have listed some the important point you have to keep in mind in the rainy season.

Tyre inflation:

Carmakers recommend a fixed level of air pressure in your tyres, and you have to maintain the level to make the driver safe and secure. Following the guidelines is extremely necessary for harsh weather conditions.

Condition of tyre tread:

You have read about the important role of tyre tread pattern above. Therefore, we do not need to repeat it, and you need a perfect tread pattern on wet roads.

Clean your tyres regularly:

Tyres are supposed to be dirty in the rain. Therefore, you require to keep them properly clean.

You can spray a polishing foam, or you can apply tyre wax. These ideas will help keep the tyres clean and shiny.

You have to be cautious when you are driving your car

Driving on a wet road is a real challenge because of the risk of hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is a natural phenomenon that may take place while you try to go across the rainwater, falling on the roads. While your tyres touch the wet surface, it may lose traction entirely because of the layer of water made between the tyres and roads surface.

You have to be cautious on wet roads because due to hydroplaning, serious accidents may take place if the driver loses control over their car. Therefore, please drive your car slowly, especially on the road filled with rainwater.

How to handle hydroplaning?

You are driving through a puddle of standing water, and suddenly you find your tyres have lost grip on the ground, stay calm and control your instinct to use brakes. Turn your vehicle in the side you are sliding because it is a safe decision to reach the safe zone. As you see, the risk of hydroplaning is natural in the rainy season. Still, if you buy your Tyres Walsall wisely and driving your vehicle according to the situation, you may successfully cope with hydroplaning.

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