How to efficientlymaintain the brake system?

Your brake system is one of the most essential components of your car. It is used every time you press on the brake pedal to stop your car. You would agree with us that a fault-free braking system is essential for a car since it protects you from accidents. Therefore, proper Brake Repair Whitchurch is vital for the performance of your vehicle. Let us have a look at the functions of your brake system before we talk about its maintenance.

Prime the function of your braking system

All know that the main function of the brake system is to stop a vehicle. However, this function looks simple but indeed, it is very complex. Your brake pads and discs function with each other to create proper resistance that is enough to stop the movement of the vehicle. It is clear that both your brake pads and discs may experience wear and tear due to constant use.

How to maintain your brake system?

You have to include your brake system whenever you visit the service station for servicing your vehicle. The mechanic is supposed to check every part of your brake system to ensure proper servicing and maintenance.

Your car’s brake system is made up of several parts like the master cylinder, brake pads, caliper and brake rotors, and brake line.

To maintain your brake system effectively, it is vital to check your brake pads and rotors since both these parts are used a lot. Braking pads wear down due to frictional force and heat that takes place every time you press your brakes.

Whenever you try to stop your vehicle, the generated power is transferred to the brake fluid master cylinder and the master cylinder further transfers the pressure to the brake rotors.

Your brake fluid is indeed essential for the function of the braking system but it also causes moisture in the brake system to promote corrosion.

Therefore, different components of your braking system need timely replacement as a part of car service or maintenance.

When you replace any component of your brake system, look for the parts that are made with advanced technology. It keeps your brake system safe for a long time.

When your braking system is going to see a failure, it usually shows some warning signs.

Have a look!

Unusual noises when you apply your brakes:

A high-pitched noise takes place and stops while you apply the brakes as a common sign. Indeed, the origin of this sound is the brake pad wear indicators.

Also, you may hear a grinding sound when things like small gravels are stuck in the caliper unit. Grinding is also a sign of a lack of proper lubrication.

Switched on brake lights:

When your brake system is faulty, you may find brake indicators on your dashboard. It clearly indicates that you need a visit to your service centre to repair your brake system.

Wobbling and vibration while you apply your brakes:

A shaking steering wheel, when you apply your brakes is a sign of a fault in the brake system. Generally, it happens due to an uneven rotor.

Leaking from the master cylinder:

The mechanic will diagnose a leaking problem in the master cylinder if you find a spongy brake pedal.

This is also a sign of the presence of air or moisture in the braking system.

Burning smell:

The burning smell takes place due to overheated brakes or clutch. In this condition, you have to stop your vehicle immediately. Start the journey again when the brakes are cool.

Pulling of the vehicle to one side:

It is possible your car pulls to either the left or right side when you apply brakes. It happens due to a faulty brake system or an issue with the caliper.

Finally, you can avoid these warning signs if you regularly visit your garage for effective Car Repair Whitchurch. We are sure if you ensure proper brake maintenance, your brakes will function appropriately for a long period of time.

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