How to get your car ready for the MOT Test?

The MOT test is examining your car that ensures that your car is safely operating and is safe to drive. This test includes examining some of the most important factors of your vehicle that must function adequately to have a secure experience with the car.

This test is vital once a year after your car has attained the age of three. It is a safety measure that every car owner must take. This is also an important factor to consider when availing of car insurance and taxes.

Check The Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car. Check the car tyres and make sure it is clean and in safe mode. The things to consider while checking your car tyres are tyre pressure, tyre tread, tread depth, wheel alignment and cleanliness of the tyre.

The tyre loses one pound of air every two months. Thus make sure to fill the tyre before the APK Keuring Leeuwarden. The tyre tread is the gap between the grooves of the tyre. Sometimes, these tread gaps are filled with dirt, stones and other blocking things that lead to a decrease in the tread depth. Make sure to check it and clean it.

An ultimately clean tyre is always best to present before the MOT examiner. The clean tyre makes it easy for them to examine and check if the tyre tread is all right.

Check Brake Fluids

When your car is in a cooled stage, open the front bonnet and find out the measure of brake fluid. The ideal meter of brake fluid must be between the minimum and maximum mark. If you notice the mark to be below the minimum score, top up your brake fluid.

This can be done at any local garage. The brake fluid is usually reddish in colour. If you notice it to be slightly brownish, it might be due to the long age of your car. Any other abnormalities noticed with the brake fluid must be fixed before the MOT test.

Check Warning lights

The car has warning lights that indicate the different perils of the automobile. These warning lights are car-specific. Thus, you must refer to your car manual and determine what each of the warning lights means.

These lights are crucial in an MOT test and must be taken very seriously. If any of these lights are malfunctioning, you must get them fixed before taking the test.

Check The Rearview Mirrors Of The Car

The rearview mirrors of the car must be perfect with no wear and tear. Make sure to clean it and repair any damaged edges. You must have two exteriors and one interior mirror to ensure road safety and rules.

You can follow an MOT manual and find out the proper criteria for the mirrors. Your car mirrors must not be cracked or in any way damaging the real image. The same goes for the interior mirror.

Check the Lights

The car lights play a vital role in the APK keuring Leeuwarden. It is important to check and fix the lights. The headlights, backlights, indicators, etc., all lights must be in proper condition. Check if the lights are at a proper distance and height. Sometimes the age of the car might make it different.

Fill Up The Oil Tanker

Before you take the MOT test, fill up the oil tanker. Take a personal test by dipping the oil stick into the tanker and measuring the oil level. The oil level in the tanker is used to determine the fuel emission factor.

Also, make sure to check the condition of the oil tanker. Fix the wear and tears of the oil tanker and check the clogs. You do not want the examiner to find breakage with your oil tanker. Moreover, it is important to have a standard oil tanker to avoid mishaps on the road.

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