How to maintain your car tyres for a long life?

Nowadays we all have our own personal cars, and we want our cars to perform well and be durable. Even if you have bought Goodyear Tyres Cheltenham, maintenance and upkeep are two things that will make your tyres durable and long-lasting. However, it is found that the majority of car tyre failure is caused by tread wear.

Treadwear gradually decreases the thickness of your tyre, which makes it prone to tear and puncture. To prevent such mishappenings, you can follow the following tips to prevent tread wear on your tyres.

Keep Your Tyres Properly Inflated

The pressure level in your tyre shapes the dimension of your tyre. If your tyre is inflated, it will bulge from the side, leading to uneven wear on the sidewalls of your tyre. Whereas if your tyres are overinflated, the midsection will be exposed to maximum traction, that is why it will get corroded more.

This uneven wear will make the midsection more prone to wear and tear than any other part. Moreover, the uneven wear will also hamper the driving experience and the mileage of your car. Therefore to prevent this, you should always refer to the recommended air pressure for a particular kind of tyre and follow it strictly.

Avoid Driving Rashly

To keep your tyres in shape, you need to avoid roads that are not good. Roads full of stones, industrial residues or tall grasses or shrubs can degrade your tyre. However, if bad roads are the only way, drive slowly and delicately.

Driving at very speeds, even on smooth roads, can do serious damage to your car tyre. Therefore, if you want your car tyres to last long, do not drive at high speeds. Also, one should avoid taking sharp turns or stopping abruptly as that may do serious damage to the sidewalls of your car tyre.

Be Soft On Brakes

Hard braking can do some serious damage to your car tyres. Apart from damaging your tyre, a hard brake can also seriously impact your brake shoes and other internal parts of your car. To ensure that you do not end up applying a hard brake, adjust your seat and position it in a style that is comfortable for you.

Rotate Your Tyres Occasionally

An occasional rotation of your tyres will increase its life manifold. What basically happens when you rotate your car tyre is that the wear that your tyres get down the road is distributed uniformly in all the tyres. For instance, if the front tyres which get the maximum wear due to brakes are not changed, they will get the maximum wear, and they will get punctured eventually.

However, if you place those tyres on the backside once in a while, the back tyres will share some of the wear of these front tyres. In this way, you can minimise the number of punctures in your Tyres Cheltenham.

Maintain Your Car Components

The performance of your steering wheel and engine also affect the tread of your tyre. Bad steering will delay the turn, which will lead to excess wear on tyres.

Check Your Tyres Occasionally

For proper maintenance of your tyres, check them once a week or at least twice every month. The tread marks on your tyre will tell you a lot about what you need to keep them in shape.

Find The Right Tyre

Finding the right tyre is very important if you want to minimise treadwear in your tyres. A Summer tyre can be used all around the year, but a winter tyre will not perform well on a dry road. Therefore, choose the tyre which best suits the road you travel on and also aligns with your driving habits.

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