How to Make Sure You Pass an MOT Test with Flying Colours?

Did you know that driving with an invalid MOT certificate can attract a fine of £2,500 or more? You also receive 3 penalty points for every fault in your car.

If your car is 3 years old, you have to appear in this test mandatorily. And, if you fail, your vehicle may be grounded.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has made some changes in the MOT test to determine the above. Test results like “Pass”, “Advisory”, and “Minor’ manse your car is driveable, but you may need some repairs.

On the other hand, “Major” and “Dangerous” results will call for immediate service; you may also not be able to drive your car before you do so.

Hence, you have to ensure that your vehicle passes an MOT test. How to do that?

There are a few car components that you can check to make sure they will pass an MOT test in Coventry.

These include:

  1. Tyres

Tyres need to have a mandatory tread depth of 1.6mm. You will fail the test if the tread depth is lower than the same.

How to check tread depth?

Take a 20p coin and insert it into the treads. A visible outer rim of the coin will mean that the depth is lower than 1.6mm. In such cases, replace the tyres before going for the test.

What else?

Check for any tears, bulges, cord exposures, and other injuries. Damages longer than 25mm will lead to failure. Lastly, the malfunction light must work correctly if you are using run-flat tyres.

  1. Windscreen

Make sure there are no obstructions or damages larger than 10mm in the windscreen area directly at your point of view. The remaining area must not have obstacles larger than 40mm. Windscreens are among the first things a tester will check in your vehicle’s MOT check in Coventry.

  1. Battery

Ensure there are no leaks from the battery. Also, give the terminals a check to look for corrosion; use baking soda with water and a brush to clean these. Lastly, secure the battery and make sure it is not wobbly. Also, you should opt for a battery repair in Leicester.

  1. Lights

From headlamps to malfunction, every light must work correctly if you want to pass your vehicle’s MOT check in Coventry.

They must not only illuminate but also conform to some conditions. Like, lights must emit the correct colour, be securely positioned, not be affected by another light, and not have an obstruction.

  1. Steering wheel

One of the ideal ways to check the condition of your car’s steering wheel is to push it in several directions. Also, do check the fluid level if you have a power steering and the locking mechanism if you vehicle have such a component.

  1. Registration plates

The DVSA mandates motorists to have registration plate in their cars that is visible from at least 20m away.

You have to take help of a professional car garage for getting several other components checked. Professional car garages such as Central Point MOT provides car servicing as well as your vehicle’s MOT test Coventry.

Some of the components that only a car garage can check include suspension, brake, electrical equipment, fuel emissions, exhaust system, etc. You should consider the MOT as more than just a roadworthy check for your vehicle and instead, an opportunity for you to get your vehicle functioning at its peak.

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