How To Measure The Tread Depth Of A Tyre?

Your tyre contacts the road with the help of its tread. The tread minimizes as the tyre wears down. The traction of the tyre on the road also reduces. A fresh tyre has a tread depth of around 8mm.

Tyre Wearing

Risky driving conditions may be created by very little tyre tread. The control of a driver over their vehicle is lost when the tyre doesn’t offer proper traction on the road. The tread depth in a tyre plays a crucial role especially when the surface is wet. Your tyre tread must always be capable of cutting through the precipitation occurring between the road and the car Tyres Longton. It must be able to maintain maximum contact with the road. Loss of traction becomes faster on wet roads when the tread in your tyre is shallower. Thus, slowing down the speed in such conditions helps you to maintain proper grip.

The Legal Tread Depth In A Tyre

1.6 mm is the minimum legal depth of tread of tyres in Europe and the UK. This tread depth is over the central 3/4th of tyre area. Around the entire tyre circumference, this specification must be maintained by the tread.

What Happens If The Tread Depth Goes Below The Legal Limit?

Bridgestone Tyres

At worst, you can be fined and your license may be at risk if your tyre tread goes below the legal limit. It is expensive! If you consider the safety aspect, driving with tyres having low tread depth can be quite risky. This risk indicates:

  • Higher aquaplaning risk

  • Slow braking on wet roads

  • Increased chances of punctures resulting in a sudden blowout

  • Less traction on snowy or icy conditions

The Difference Made By A Few Millimetres

Tyres containing tread depth of 3 mm performs more efficiently as compared to the tyres containing 1.6 mm tread depth as per research conducted. Thus, the tyres with low tread depth allow more stopping distance, especially in wet climates. This can be dangerous in extremely wet conditions. 

Measuring Tread Depth Of A Tyre

Measuring the depth of a tyre tread involves three different ways:

  • 20p Test To Check The Tread Depth

For checking the tread depth left in a tyre, this test is an effective, quick, and simple way. The coin will be inserted into the tread grooves of the tyre. If you are not able to see the outside of the coin band after inserting it, the tyre tread is above 1.6 mm. However, if you can see the coin’s outer edge, the tyre is probably below the legal tread limit. Thus, you must get the tyre inspected by a professional urgently.

  • Wear Indicators For Tyre Treads

Tread Wear Indicator (TWI) blocks or bars are present in the majority of modern tyres. At the tyre’s different set intervals, these are moulded into the grooves of the tread. 

The tread depth below the legal tread limit is denoted if these bars fill the tread. Thus, you need to replace the tyres soon. However, it is suggested by many auto experts that you must get your tyres replaced much before they start wearing to an extent. It is even suggested by many other experts that you must get the tyres replaced when the tyre tread goes below 3mm.

  • Depth Gauge For Tyre Tread

These tools are specially designed to measure the tread groove depth of Bridgestone Tyres Longton individually.

Facing An Accident Due To Illegal Tyres

You may get your insurance invalidated if you face an accident due to bald or illegal tyres.

Causes Of Tyre Tread Wearing

The tyres indeed wear with time but, other factors affect the tread wearing level. These include:

  • Cornering and Driving at more speeds

  • Driving with an extra load

  • Style of Driving

  • Misaligned wheels

  • Under or over tyres inflation

  • Seized braking system component

  • Worn components of the suspension

You Must Visit A Local Garage

You must soon make an appointment in your nearest garage if you find your tyres performing inefficiently or ageing with time. The professionals at reliable garages are quite experienced. They are always ready to answer your queries regarding the current tyre or which tyres you must buy.

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