It is difficult to think of a time when we would exist without the support of technology, gadgets and machines. All of these play a fundamental role in our personal and professional lives. It is difficult to ascertain whether we would be able to complete all our tasks and responsibilities without their presence.

This is precisely why we use different gadgets, machines and appliances to make our daily lives more efficient and better. Even for simple tasks like waking up and cleaning, we end up using their help. Naturally, travel cuts the requirements, and we need the benefits of transportation Exhaust Repair Reading to help us move from one place to another.

Mechanics and technology have come this far to allow us to travel just about anywhere in short amounts of time. We may take trains or planes for far-away destinations, but for nearby places, a vehicle is sufficient.

When one invests in the purchase of their vehicle, little do they consider its timeless usage. This means that one can use a vehicle either in the middle of the night or at dawn as well.

The ability of a vehicle to take us just about anywhere anytime is what makes it so important for us. However, the usage of a vehicle also implies its care. If one cannot give enough time for the inspection and checks of their car, the performance will surely take a hit.

Like any machine, the vehicle also responds to appropriate input. Even if one is driving carefully and making sure to be a mindful driver on the road, the need for maintenance is still Evermore. We cannot deny or ignore regular maintenance checks, one must take responsible action to fulfil the same.

Car service does essentially cover the repairs and replacements of your vehicle’s parts. However, a car service is not mandatory, so some people may choose to skip the same. On the other hand, a mot test is a mandatory test that all vehicles must pass to continue driving on the road. The success rate of an MOT test is not that high.

This is because the inspector conducts a thorough check on multiple parts of your vehicle. If there are minor inconsistencies as well, the vehicle could be open to failure.

Many try to get a car service beforehand as it would guarantee the passing of the vehicle in the mot test. Keeping the same in mind, here are a few solid reasons as to why your vehicle may fail its mot test:

Exhaust And the engine:

All vehicles release gases as they run on petroleum. These gases can prove to be extremely harmful to the environment. The gases that come out of your exhaust system contain several harmful greenhouse gases that can entrap the heat of the earth within the earth. This phenomenon can lead to global warming. Global warming has harmful effects on our atmosphere and the condition of the earth.

Therefore, it is mandatory to examine the exhaust system and the kind of gases that are going out in the atmosphere. The mot inspector will check your exhaust system by running the car. Therefore, if your car does not have enough oil, it will automatically lead to a failure of the mot test. Upon running the engine, he will check the parameters of gases that are released into the atmosphere.

Therefore, taking care of the engine and replacing the engine oil regularly is mandatory for the health of the exhaust system. If one does not replace the oil or the oil filter within their annual car service, it could potentially release harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The driver must take care of this before leaving for their mot test.


The tyres are also a key component of the vehicle. Their well-being ensures the vehicle’s well-being, and this is because they mobilize and move the vehicle.

There are different kinds of damages that can lead to the failure of the test. Tyre damage comes in the form of punctures, flats, bulges, cuts and cracks.

Any significant damage to the tread or the sidewall will lead to a direct failure of the MOT Reading test. The tyres are responsible for maintaining the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, it would be a smooth tyre if the tyre tread depth is inept or below 2mm.

This would endanger the safety of the vehicle. A tyre with insufficient tread depth will fail to make adequate traction and grip on the road.