How To Prevent Your Alloy Wheels from Corrosion

Corrosion is never good; be it on the hood or the bumper of your car. But when it is as serious as the wheels, it can lead to dangerous situations on the roads. As the tyres are mounted on your wheels, any failure will result in an uncontrolled vehicle.

Corrosion makes your wheels go brittle and increases the chances of their breaking or bending in the middle of a trip to your way home. Trust us; you don’t want that to happen in any hell. Therefore, it is better to take precaution before its too late. It not only burns your money on the new wheels but also can lead to substantial tyre damage.

What are The Things That Corrode a Wheel?

When it comes to corrosion, and salt in the presence of moisture can corrode a wheel easily in the absence of an anti-corroding substance. If the wheels lose their anti-corroding layer, they become prone to corrosion on the wet roads. The salts present on the streets, along with other oxidising agents, react with the metal in the wheel and initiate the process of rusting.

What Can Be Done If Corrosion Occurs?

First of all, you have to check the parts that are not easily visible to the naked eyes like nuts and bolts of the wheels, where corrosion is more prominent. In case you find something off, then follow the given tips to get rid of it:

If the corrosion is not that bad and it is only on the surface of the wheels, you can take a nylon or steel scrubber and scrub it off with the help of some soap and water.

But when the corrosion is little deep-rooted than just a layer on the surface, then you can purchase a scrubbing substance that will help you get rid of the rust.

Make sure you take bolts and other connecting parts of your wheels into consideration as it is where the rusting is more prominent.

Keep in mind, not to damage the wheels with your scrubbing, and if it needs the care of an expert, then always take it to an expert.

After the scrubbing is complete, take a soap solution in some warm water and wash the remnants off of the wheels, and allow it to dry on its own.

You would not want them to rust back again; therefore, take an ample amount of anti-rust substance and apply a layer of it on the wheels.

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