How to prolong your vehicle’s life?

Remember how as kids we used to carry a list of our favourite stuff? Our happiness would touch new heights when our parents bought them for us. Those toys meant so much that we would want them to last forever.

For kids, getting toys of their choice is a big deal. They take care of their favourite ones and preserve them. This habit remains the same when we grow up, the only difference is those toys are now replaced with many expensive and valuable things. Your car is one of them.

You would never want your car to get damaged. This is why you need to take extra care of this valuable asset.

Confused about ways in which your vehicle’s life can be prolonged? We have gathered some tips that can help you enhance vehicle performance and longevity.

Owner’s manual is the key

Many car owners take the manufacturer’s manual for granted and throw it away. That’s a big NO. Always go through the manual and analyse everything. Though it may bore you, it always proves to be useful. You will get information on what to do when the engine overheats or how to check the tyre pressure? The manual will also mention your tyre size and other important features.

Scheduled services should never be missed

You would never want to skip your timely body checkups. The same goes for the vehicle maintenance car repair Whitchurch. It is advised to get the annual maintenance done as soon as it’s due. Delaying or completely ignoring it is not an option. It can cost you bigger expenses in the future.

You also get a record of all the maintenance services, this inflates the resale value of your vehicle. Regular services make sure that all the components are in a healthy state and your safety is not put at stake.

Better fuel economy

Who doesn’t like to save money? You can save a few bucks on fuel by getting the regular vehicle services done. Car performance affects your fuel economy. A well-maintained car performs well and fuel consumption ultimately goes down.

What damages your vehicle?

No oil change: Oil needs to be changed frequently but most people wait until the engine’s lubricant looks like dark and thick syrup. This can damage the engine and deplete the car’s performance. The oil should be changed according to the duration given in your vehicle manual.

Ignoring the weird sounds: Any unusual sound coming from your vehicle can prove fatal to your vehicle’s health. Different sounds indicate various car issues. There may be a problem with the door, engine, brake pedal, suspension system, or emission system. These sounds indicate that you need your car professional.

Driving an overheated car: As soon as your temperature gauge climbs to HOT, turn the engine off and stop right away. If you continue to drive, you may damage the vehicle further to a level that the car will automatically stop. This will also lead to expensive damage repair services.

The longer you drive with an overheated car, the more it is damaged. It’s best to park it aside and wait for it to cool. If that doesn’t happen call the towing service for help but don’t drive it.

Now that you know the importance of regular maintenance services and how to take good care of the vehicle. You can enjoy the efficient and smooth performance of your well-maintained vehicle.

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