How To Repair A Punctured Tyre By Yourself?

If you are a lone wolf and like to travel alone, you need to be aware of all the basic things that will help you in bad times. Imagine that you are travelling alone and you got a flat tyre. Now if you know how to repair one, you can easily do the repairs in minutes.

Whereas, if you don’t know how to fix a puncture, you will be wandering around, looking for a mechanic in a strange place. So if you don’t want to put yourself in such a situation, follow this article to know how to fix a car tyre.

Find the Leak

If you ever find yourself with flat Hankook Tyres Cheltenham this is the first step that you need to follow. Finding the leak in your tyre is not as easy as it seems. There are different steps for different scenarios.

Leak is Visible

  • When your car gets punctured due to a nail or any sharp object the leak is clearly visible.

  • Take out the object that has pierced your tyre carefully.

  • Mark the hole using a small twig by sticking it in the hole.

  • Look for other such piercings on the tyre.

When The Leak Is Invisible

In times when you don’t see any object piercing the hole, you need to follow a completely different and lengthy procedure. If your tyre has a tube in it, take it out first, inflate it, and then follow these steps.

Prepare a soap solution using a detergent, soap or shampoo.

Dip your car tube in the solution and in the case of a tubeless tyre, pour the solution on the tyre.

If you see any bubbles coming out from your car tyre, mark that place and stick a twig in the hole.

Similarly, if you see any bubbles on the surface of your tyre’s tube, mark it using a twig.

However, if you don’t have any soap solution, then you will have to unmount your tyres before checking its leak.

Loosen Up The Nuts

To dismount your car tyres, first, you need to loosen the lug nuts of your car’s wheel.

Grab the tools kept in the rear of your car to do the repairs.

Fix the mouth of the wrench on the lug nuts.

Rotate the wrench in the clockwise direction to loosen the nuts.

Set Up the Jack

This is a very important step that requires supervision. Therefore, to execute this step properly, you need to follow the user manual carefully.

Find the jack points on your car using the manual.

Set a wooden plank below that point.

Now place the jack on the plank in a way that its bottom aligns with the plank.

Start operating the jack slowly.

When you realise that your vehicle is at the right height, stop.

Now dismount the wheel by unscrewing the lug nuts.

Fix The Puncture

Now that you have dismounted your car tyre. You can now start to repair the puncture.

Take out the twig which you have used to mark the site of puncture.

Now stick the rubber plug into the hole.

Ensure that the plug is properly inserted into the hole.

Cut the remaining part of the plug

Seal the part where you have inserted the plug, using glue or sealant.

Recheck Your Tyres

Before you mount your wheels again you need to recheck your Tyres Cheltenham.

Dip your tyre again in soap solution.

Check for any bubbles.

If you don’t see any bubbles, mount your tyres and you are good to go.

Ensure that the lug nuts are tightened properly.

Now that you have learned the art to repair a puncture, you are all set to travel all your dream destinations all by yourself. However, to ensure that you don’t find yourself in such a situation, you should get an MOT test from Leckhampton Tyres and MOT. By getting an MOT from this garage, you will be able to detect any issue in your tyres and get it repaired beforehand.