How to Repair Punctured Tyres by Using Puncture Repair Kit?

Tyre puncture is probably one of the most hated, yet unavoidable incident a vehicle owner can face. Furthermore, in the genre of off-roading, punctures have become a definite possibility.

To aid a car owner in an event of a puncture, some vehicles come with a spare tyre that can be replaced with the depleted unit to keep the car functioning. However, in an attempt to decrease gross weight of a vehicle and improve its performance, many car manufacturers started providing a puncture repair kit instead of a spare tyre.

These kits offer certain advantages, the most important one being their reusability. When you find one or more of your car’s tyres in Harworth punctured, the simple solution is to fix it with the help of a puncture repair kit and then drive your vehicle to reach a service garage nearby.

Pro Tip:

  • Never attempt to repair tyres which show signs of structural damage, like sidewall bulging, cracks, ply separations etc.

  • A puncture repair kit can only be used on tubeless type tyres.

Puncture repair kit

A puncture repair kit is a carry case with several tools you may need to fix a puncture. A typical puncture repair kit includes the following tools –

A pair of plies: Helps to remove the foreign object causing the puncture.

Reamer: The reamer is a tool to broaden a puncture hole and allow cord insertion tool to insert the material. It can also be used to remove any stuck debris inside damaged area. It is a ‘T’ shaped device with a pointy end and a handhold on the other side.

Lubricant: This is used on the reamer to ease its way into a puncture hole.

Cord-insertion tool: This tool is similar to a reamer, with a threading hole at its sharp end. It is used to insert repair-cord into a puncture.

Repair cords: It’s a thick string of spongy rubber-like material to seal the puncture holes.

How to use

  1. Pull it out: First, park your vehicle on flat, level ground before you start repairing a puncture. Repair a punctured tyre while it is still mounted on the rim as the car’s weight will help maintain stability during the repair session.

Locate the damaged area and pull out the object that caused the puncture from the tyre with the help of pliers.

  1. Clear punctured area: After that, you need to clean the area around the puncture thoroughly to make sure that no remaining materials are lodged there to cause further damage. Then, smudge lubricant on the reamer and insert it into the puncture hole and move it in a circular manner to broaden it. Pull reamer out after the tyres steel belts are separated.

  2. Repair cord into the insertion tool: Before using an insertion tool, you need to re-inflate your car’s punctured tyre. Then, thread a repair cord into the insertion tool. If required, smear a bit of lubricant on it and insert it inside the puncture hole.

  3. Trim repair-cord: Pull out the insertion tool by holding and pulling on its metal hilt against the tyre. Make sure you don’t twist the insertion tool’s handle while pulling it out. After that, trim the ends of repair-cord in a way that they don’t stick out of the carcass.

After you complete the process, inflate your cars tyre at normal pressure, and you are ready to go.

If you require professional help for a puncture repair in Harworth, bring your car to Harworth Tyres Services and let the technicians look after your car for you. You can also avail a wide range of services like tyre fitting, puncture repair, wheel balancing and alignment etc. when you are at their garage.

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