How tyre Pressure Influences the Performance of Your Car?

The inflation level of a tyre is a crucial factor in determining the overall performance of the vehicle and also decides how long its life will be. Whether the pressure is low or high, both cases might harm the vehicle in the long run.

The air pressure of a tyre ensures the equal and consistent distribution of the weight of the vehicle across the tread to maintain stability and enhance control. The lower or higher inflation level of the tyres, the less control you will have on your vehicle and the more the vehicle becomes prone to wear and tear.

What happens when you drive with under or over-inflated tyres?

Though in both cases, some amount of damage is done to the vehicle and control is lost, different types of damages are inflicted in the case of under-inflation and the case of over-inflation.

In the case of under-inflation, the tyre loses its shape slightly and only the corners of the tyre come in contact with the ground due to the low air pressure. This leads to lack of control over the vehicle and ultimately leads to reducing the overall safety of the driving aside from the obvious damage to the tyre.

On the other hand, an over-inflated tyre comes in contact with the ground in the middle of the tread and that area faces wear. This issue can cause loss of traction and make loud noises that add to an unpleasant ride.

How do tyres lose air pressure?

There are a couple of ways by which the air pressure of tyres increases or decreases. The most common one is the wearing of the tyres, as the more you use the tyre, the lower the air pressure gets. 

In special cases, air pressures is lowered to better utilize the cheap tyres Reading. In case of rougher and rockier roads, lower air pressures help tread over textured roads better and thus some people lower the pressure of the tyres on purpose. But it is also essential for these people to refill the tyres before going back on highways or roads.

How to avoid damages and ensure the safety of your vehicle?

Regular air pressure checks should be performed to ensure a perfect level of inflation in your car tyres. Also, before making a long trip with your car, you should get the air pressure checked so that it does not affect your ride. 

Another factor you should keep in mind is the temperature of the tyres while they get checked. Many customers use all Season Tyres Reading that have been used for a while or that have been heated due to the external temperature. This is not good because when heated, the air expands which alters the result of the check. When tyres are cooler, you get a more accurate result of air pressure than when it is warm.


Air pressure plays an important role in the safety and performance of your vehicle and getting it checked each month for optimum performance is crucial.

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