How Your Tyres Can Lead To A Failed MOT?

To pass an MOT test is not as difficult as it may seem. Most vehicles fail the MOT test because of minor issues like windscreen cracks, underinflated tyres, or sometimes an empty washer bottle. According to a study conducted by DVSA, around 10% of the vehicles in the UK failed the test just because of some issues related to their tyres.

One Can Always Avoid Failing the Mot Test By Doing the Following Checks in Advance:

Ensure That Your Vehicle Has the Correct Set of Tyres:

Incorrect tyre size is one of the biggest reasons to fail the MOT test due to tyres. Try to get your vehicle fitted with tyres of the size mentioned in your manufacturer’s manual. To find out the size of the tyres check on the sidewall of your tyres and try to match it with the size in the manual.

Any use of lightweight tyres or modified ones can result in an MOT fail. So replace them before going for the test.

Another way to fail an MOT because of tyre size is by installing different models of tyres on the different sides of the axle. Both the tyres on the sides of the same axle should be of the same model.

Depth of the Tyre Tread:

Tyre treads play an essential role in providing road safety by decreasing the braking distance. They also help in maintaining significant traction on the road that is needed while cornering and steering, especially on a wet road. The government in the UK allows treads with 1.6mm depth or more to be considered road worthy. The tyres with tread depth lesser than 1.6mm are considered unsafe, and the car will fail the MOT.

You can always perform a quick check to find out your tread depth. Take a 20p coin and put it in three different places on your tyre tread. If at any place the outer band of the coin lurks out, then it will mean that your tread depth is lesser than expected.

A good habit can be adapted to never let your tread go below 3mm and replace it before 3mm; it will always let you pass the test and also will ensure excellent safety on the road.

Tyre’s Current Condition:

If any of the tyres have faced a previous puncture or a deformation of any kind that is visible in the present date, the tyre will fail the MOT test. You can examine your tyres for deep cuts, punctures, tears, too much wearing, bulges or rim damage. If the tyre has any kind of such degradation still visible from the outside, it will lead to the vehicle failing the MOT test. Underinflated tyres can also lead to failure in the MOT test.

Have a keen look at your tyre to find out any such issues and get it repaired before getting your MOT done.

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