Importance of timely car service

The servicing of your car is an important aspect to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. With the proper functioning of your car, you are sure to enjoy a smooth ride. Regarded as one of the primary things on a checklist once you purchase a vehicle, servicing happens to be extremely critical for the well-being of your vehicle.

There are multiple parameters which require an everyday inspection by you. The malfunctioning of any part of your car could either lead to a mishap or you may end up spending a huge amount of money to get the same repaired. Hence, a thorough check every day is a mandate for the owners or drivers. Car service Whitchurch should be done by experts in the field with a sufficient amount of knowledge and experience of repairing cars. You, however, must be well-read too! A good amount of knowledge and awareness about the functioning of the vehicle would help in asking the relevant questions to yourself and the specialist trying to repair your car.

Questions that you may ask could be:

  • What does the wheel bearing signs mean?
  • Why does the oil leak from my car when it is parked?
  • How do I clean the battery of my car?
  • What is the difference between tyre balancing and wheel alignment?
  • What are the anti-lock problems in brakes and how to get them repaired?
  • What are the warning signs and when do I know I have to see a repair facility?
  • What is the complete checklist for conducting everyday inspections?
  • How do I wash my car inside out?
  • What do you mean by CVT Transmission? How does it work and function?
  • How do I jump-start the battery of my car?

Such questions would not just educate you but prompt you to ask the correct questions to the service provider as well. To know when is it time to get your car serviced, you should check for warning signs:

The engine lights: These are diagnostic and if they appear to be on in the dashboard, it means your car needs immediate servicing.

Fuel efficiency: Notice how many times to fill fuel in your tank. This would let you know about the reduced efficiency of fuel.

Shaking or vibrations: Shaking or wobbling sensation in steering, braking or starting the vehicle is an indication of wheel alignment to be done. These vibrations could be felt on the floor or on the seats or even on the steering wheel.

Stalling: Pressing the foot on the accelerator but it takes your car a while to actually get going is indicative of stalling. This is a warning sign that tells you to visit a professional.

Rough gear shifting: The transmission system in the car is automatic causing a smooth shifting of gears. In case it is not smooth, it means there is an issue to be tackled.

Problem in braking: This might be a grave safety concern and hence must never be ignored. They might be observed in different forms such as soft brake pedals or noisy braking. The scraping or whining noises are commonly observed and categorised as a warning sign of brake failure.

Hence, be aware and alert to ensure safety and comfort at all times.

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