Important Key Aspects Of An MOT Test

A lot of people define happiness through a comfortable and smooth road trip. A performance efficient car not only enhances your mood but it also creates a sense of trust between the car and driver for longer durability. It is the duty of a responsible car owner to maintain the performance and luxury standards of his vehicle

Do not worry! You are not alone in the race of maintaining your vehicle. Our lovely government is also here to help you in taking care of your car. As you must know our government introduced the MOT tests in 1960 to ensure your best safety on roads. Although in the ’60s, MOT test was limited to bikes and two-wheeler up to 200cc, it was gradually increased to all the class 4 vehicles.

Understanding the MOT Test

If you are celebrating your car’s third birthday this year then you should gift it with a wonderful MOT pass certificate. Your car will be very proud of you for ensuring its proper functionality and will provide you with optimum safety as a return gift.

Determining the correct MOT centre

  • In recent times, the ministry of transport has noticed a lot of fraud MOT centres providing a VT20 certificate without proper authorisation. All test centres must be associated with driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) for providing a legal VT20 certificate to customers.
  • Therefore, you must ensure that your test centre and certificate displays a 3 triangle blue sign. DVSA provides the testing centres with this official sign to help the customers in identifying the correct centre for testing.

MOT Checks

In order to make your car happy on her 3rd birthday, you should gift her a complete testing package of brakes, windscreen, light, mirrors and seatbelts as well. Secondly, there is no harm in checking your beloved vehicle for exhaust emissions, wipers and windscreens as well.

However, you need to convince your innocent car that MOT will not check her for engine, clutch and gearbox. But do not break her heart! With increasing time and technology, you can expect these parameters to be a part of MOT inspection soon.

How Long Do I Need To Wait Before Getting a VT20 for My Car?

Usually, MOT inspection is finished in approximately 40-50 minutes. But in case, your car is not in her best shape then you need to wait longer for carrying out the repair procedures on your vehicle. Secondly, you cannot leave the garage until you get a VT20 for your car. ‘Afterall, it’s her 3rd birthday’.

In case, your car failed the MOT Sleaford inspection, you will be issued a VT30 certificate showing her problems and any damaged components. Although you get a certificate, your car will curse you for the rest of your life for leaving her with such a terrible gift. Moreover, the traffic authorities will not allow you to roam on the streets with a VT30.

If you do not want to upset your car and get her a lovely VT20, visit us at Roberts tyres. Our teams tries its best to take the least of your time and send you home happily.

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