Is Buying Tyres Worthy?

The wet and windy winters have brought the time to wrap up warm and waterproof. Do not forget to get yourself as well as your car winter ready by fitting a set of winter tyres. Remember, a proper winter tyre has a snowflake symbol on its sidewall while a tyre marked with ‘M+S’ (mud and snow) may not be appropriate to meet the challenges of extreme winter conditions. Fitting winter tyres during colder months is not a legal requirement, however, in some European countries, winter or all-weather tyres are mandatory in certain weather conditions.

What Are The Benefits Winter Tyres Serve?

On an average, one set of winter tyres serves you for 4-5 seasons, if it’s of good quality. Here is a rundown on some of the advantages of fitting winter tyres:

  • The winter tyres are made of softer compound (more natural rubber in the mix) which keeps the tyres stay nimble in colder temperatures.

  • The narrow sipes with deeper grooves on treads establish a better contact with wet/snowy roads by dispersing water/snow while rotating.

  • The tread pattern is designed to collect snow, further improving traction on snow and ice.

  • The specially designed tread patterns improve tyre traction on snow and ice.

What Is My Homework Before Going To Buy Winter Tyres?

If you are somewhat dicey about buying an extra set of winter tyres, we suggest you consider the facts given below before you head to any tyre dealer:

1. Checking your car manufacturer’s recommendations is good practice.

2. Give a thought to your driving conditions. Also, learn how common is it for the temperature to fall below +7 degrees C.

3. Evaluate, how frequently will you be driving on snow and ice.

4. Read the tyre reviews and tyre test scores. Before buying it is important to know your tyre’s performance as far as snow grip, aquaplaning prevention, and handling are concerned.

Are Winter Tyres Costlier Than Regular Tyres?

Sadly, winter tyres are a bit expensive. And just for the heck of saving a few bucks, we will not suggest that you compromise your as well as other road users’ safety. However, you can think of buying budget winter tyres, but they too have shown lesser handling and braking capabilities in wet conditions than their premium equivalents. The price of winter tyres varies from brand to brand. It also depends on your car and wheel-size. Besides tyres price, there are few other charges associated with its storage (e.g. £7.50 per tyre per season), which you may need to pay in case you have no suitable garage or shed. Usually, fitting winter tyres don’t influence your car insurance. However, it is better that you double check with your insurance company. You don’t need to bother about fitting charges as your supplier will do it for you, if it is not an online seller.

Spending on extra four tyres just for 2-3 months’ winters doesn’t seem worthy enough. However, if thought from a safety point of view, it is worthy indeed. Nonetheless, if you are still concerned about the upfront cost of 4 winter tyres, then the below three options can certainly save you some money during winters:

  • Buying a set of ‘winter wheels’ initially will not only save you from winter tyre expense and swapping hassles buy also make your summer tyres last longer.

  • Buying all-season tyres can be an option to avoid changing your tyres every winter.

  • Buying budget winter tyres than their premium equivalents is an option if wet driving conditions are not that frequent in your location.

  • Buying a set of snow chains or snow socks is another option, although these cannot substitute winter tyres. However, they keep you relaxed in slippery situations.

When you think of buying a set of winter tyres Northampton has many tyre dealers. It’s quite tricky to choose a seller who is reliable and an expert. Jackson MOT has a wide selection of best tyre brands such as Continental, Michelin, Goodyear, Falken, Dunlop, Hankook, Pirelli, Nokian, Avon, and others at very competitive reasonable prices. So before the summer ends, get your winter tyres fitted from Jackson MOT and chill in this chilling winters.

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