Is it possible to drive with a punctured or flat tyre?

Have you ever experienced a flat tyre on a remote road and don’t know what to do? Can you drive on a flat tyre?

The answer varies upon different factors like where and how the tyre got punctured, what the location of the puncture is and what terrain you are driving on while experiencing a flat tyre. Although it is somewhat possible to drive on a flat tyre, it is always recommended to get it fixed as soon as possible to ensure your and your vehicle’s safety.

Is it possible to drive with a punctured tyre?

A punctured tyre is quite different from a flat tyre, as a punctured tyre merely has air releasing slowly, while a flat has lost all or most of its air. In this scenario, it is possible to drive a good distance, by pumping the tyre beforehand, before air levels drop way too much.

But you have to remember that if you drive for long intervals and put pressure over the tyres, it can lead to substantial damage, so you should cover the smallest distance and get it repaired by calling repair services, like Tyres.

It is best to find the source of the leak, i.e., the puncture hole on the surface of the tyre or similar cracks in the sidewall of it. In case of use of a pre-puncture sealant, the sealant would become visible as it would get activated and could be seen on the outside.

Is it possible to drive with a flat tyre?

It is always advised to drive the minutest distance on a flat, specifically in case of a completely flat tyre. This is mainly due to two major reasons, it damages your vehicle substantially, and it is also very dangerous to drive with a flat tyre, it could cause an accident. And besides it being unsafe, driving on a flat too long can expose the metal wheel support to the road, causing greater and more expensive damage.

The motorway Code also states that your tyres should be inflated to the right pressure levels, and if deflated, your vehicle is not suitable to drive further on. In an unavoidable situation, like being stuck in a remote area, you should drive the smallest possible distance and get help.

Run-Flat Tyres

Containing a support frame inside them, these Tyres Oswestry and made specifically so that they don’t lose their shape if or when they are punctured, leading to the vehicle is capable of covering a short distance.

For such tyres, however, manufacturers let you know a safe speed limit and distance that you can cover before the friction can start causing damage, and you should strictly abide by it to ensure that no harm comes to your vehicle.

What happens when a nail lodges itself into the wheel?

Many drivers have often noticed nails and tacks piercing their tyre picked up from the road beneath. Objects like tacks and screws might lodge in the tread and cause no harm, but bigger nails can pierce the tyre and cause a puncture, leading to damage.

Though it is often seen that people drive long distances even when a nail is lodged in the tyre, it is not safe either, and you should get it repaired as soon as possible. And before a long journey, you should check your tyres to make sure no such foreign object is stuck in your wheels.

Although it is always instructed to not drive with a damaged tyre, you can cover a small distance in case of emergency and then get your Tyres Whitchurch repaired.

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