Is Your Car Battery Providing You With Optimum Performance?

With advancing age, car batteries witness a significant drop in performance. It is unavoidable. But, being a car owner, applying a few basic maintenance measures can extend its lifespan and save you from unwanted expenditures.

The “Don’ts” That Help Optimise Car Battery Performance

1.Don’t Make Your Car Sit Idle

When you drive, the chemicals within your car battery react with each other and produce charges. The regular generation of electric charge resulting from your vehicle’s movement protects the battery from malfunctioning. Otherwise, it leads to premature damage as the battery cannot maintain its minimum charge level.

2. Don’t Keep Accessories On

Do you keep car accessories like the air conditioner or the music system switched on even when the car isn’t running?

You risk draining your vehicle’s battery way before it’d drain naturally!

All such actions mentioned above require you to recharge those batteries more frequently.

3.Don’t Ignore The Servicing Of Your Car’s Engine

The stability of a car’s engine is directly proportional to the battery’s lifespan. That is, higher the engine performance more will be the latter’s life expectancy. Hence, keep a check on your four-wheeler’s exhaust system and engine, and you won’t have to worry about early Car Repair in Ripley or elsewhere.

4.Don’t Avoid Warning Signs

There are some effective warnings of a failing or malfunctioning battery –

  • The headlights won’t emit sufficient light.
  • Ignition will produce a ‘click’ sound or unusual noise.
  • Sluggish or slow cranking of the engine.
  • Backfiring or intermittent sparks and short circuits.

Keeping a check on these signals will help you keep the car battery problems at bay. Proper servicing with respect to these warning signs will ensure a safe, smooth and comfortable ride.

5.Charge Battery Regularly

It’s a great care tip for your car battery. Exactly how long your battery needs charging can be determined by nearby auto shops like MG Motors or any other service station. It’s essential to keep in mind that one must not under or over-charge the batteries. It will reduce its life and infringe its warranty as well.

6.Don’t Leave The Case Unclean

Dust and moisture are the two great foes of your battery!

Keeping the case and its terminals dirt, dust, and grime-free can significantly increase the battery’s lifespan. That’s because damp and moisture on those terminals often lead to malfunction and breakdown.

Pro tip: Use a terminal protectant gel; it’s a high-temperature grease that aids in controlling the temperature. As a result, it’s longevity increases.

7.Don’t Forget To Top Up The Water Level

A sufficient water level is necessary for the basic functioning of a four-wheeler’s battery. Car owners must ensure that the batteries are filled using distilled water at all times. Note that the water should be up to the level of the plates.

So, do not miss out on these pointers and you’ll see how your car battery lasts for a good five years!